BIg changes in diaper bag land

I’ve hesitated to discuss this much as it seems like whenever people talk about stuff like this, or sleeping everything they said immediately turns to shit and they regret it.

Anyway you will all remember when I finally settled on a bag I stopped off at Target to purchase a couple goodies to go inside and one of them was this Spark by Skip Hop Changing Wallet.

You will remember I thought I was oh so clever because I could put Brandons diapers on one side, Codi’s on the other and squish the wipes between it then close it up and wala a great space saver in my diaper bag, and an easy way to grab out the diapers if I didn’t want to tote in the whole bag.

Well people big changes have happened!!!! I have made the decision (I am shaking with nervousness as I write this) to remove Brandon’s diapers from my diaper bag and instead place the wipes in the little netted area thus making a nice little changing station for Codi. Then if you remember I spoke about having one extra pocket left inside. WELL I decided to use that pocket to store undies for Brandon. YOU READ RIGHT THERE ARE NO DIAPERS FOR BRANDON IN MY DIAPER BAG! I was terrified to make this decision because to me it felt like I was just asking for him to become un=potty trained! So what I did was put extra undies in my bad and an extra pair of sweats for him in case we have an accident. There are actually two diapers for him behind the seat of my car in case of long trips or who knows what (like an emergency poop but no acceptable toilet around).

Now my little Skip hop bag is totally awesome and far more functional. I just hope that publishing that my two year old only wears a pull up at night to bed and not at any other time isn’t going to mean that he will suddenly start peeing all over himself and taking dumps on my carpet.

We had taken a bit of hiatus from potty training for a while when he was sick and my husband didn’t think he was old enough to train. But we went full blast again a couple weeks ago and so far so good. I hope it works out. We have had a few poopoo accidents but I fully think that is to be expected when he is so newly trained! So wish me luck!

I also wanted to take a second to direct you all to the Spark by Skip Hop brand at Target. The prices are ridiculously affordable and the quality is amazing.

They offer the changing wallet, which I think is genius and the diaper bag is also awesome and as far as I can see it is just as awesome as their overpriced Skip Hop bag on their website. You can buy both of these items for less then the price of a regular Skip Hop bag. So go now to Target, run, fon’t walk and pick one up now!

5 thoughts on “BIg changes in diaper bag land

  1. Oh how I wish that I would have looked at Target 16 months ago–I have one of those *overpriced* SkipHop from the website diaper bags and I love it, I would have loved it even more to a) have been able to buy it at Target and b) pay alot less for it.Hey–I followed you here from Sundry. It *IS* possible to have three columns on Blogger with your current template. If you\’re interested (no charge or anything weird like that–just out of the goodness of my heart ;)) (and it\’s an easy quick thing to change it), just drop me a line at: trena \’at\’ youmeandababy \’dot\’ com.


  2. I really am amazed at how early he is potty trained! Go BRANDON! I hope Coleton is as easy… It never works that way though.P.S. I FOOKING HATE Word Verifications!?? What? Are they trying to TEST ME!?! WTF! BRING IT!


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