Why you got to mess with my head???

I was driving home today and it really pissed me off because I didn’t have my damn camera! I’m coming around the corner and I look at the stop sign and I see a little sign about 5×8 with an arrow on it. Thats it. Just an arrow. Then I drive a little further and there is another fucking arrow. What the fuck were these fucking arrows pointing at??? There was no sign that said garage sale or any kind of sale anywhere. I can’t handle it, because I drove the whole way on the road where the signs were and they lead to nothing. Why oh why do people fuck with me????

2 thoughts on “Why you got to mess with my head???

  1. I saw those same signs yesterday and did the exact same thing…although I wasn\’t about to admit I drove around the entire neighborhood looking for a mystery \”arrow pointing to event\” and didn\’t find one.


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