Old and Ragged

There is something about having your birthday when you are 8.5 months pregnant that makes you feel really old. Not because you are about to be a parent but because your body truly feels like it is about to fail you. I can’t sleep, my back hurts, my knees hurt, my head hurts, my body is swollen, I’m drooling more then usual.


I can’t wait for 40!

11 thoughts on “Old and Ragged

  1. Happy Birthday!!!So are you going out clubbing tonight to celebrate? ;)Love ya! Your BEST birthday present is coming in 18 days. OMG 18 days till Codi!!!


  2. Happy Birthday!! I don\’t even want to hear about being old. I will always be way older then you. Hope that makes you feel better.Have a great day and sorry about the cake. Some pregnant woman do eat paper.


  3. Happy Birthday!You can have a belated birthday when you feel human again or in a year, ouf that a year off!And I am 30 next so stop feeling soryy for your self!! LOL


  4. Happy Birthday!!!!!! I can\’t imagine that you would feel good at any age being 8.5 months pregnant! And can we just say holy shit…Codi in 18 days!!


  5. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!Ah to be 26 again…Hope you had a good time despite feeling bad but remember only 18/17 days until you can hold Codi and Brandon together.


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