Touchy subject

A few weeks ago Cakerwakers posted about the possibility of something happening to her during her surgery in a few weeks. I’ve thought this same thing. While I didn’t want to discuss it much or dwell to much on the negative I did take the time to write a letter to my son Brandon. You are all now responsible for somehow making sure this letter finds it’s way into his hands when he is older. I have kept up on writing little notes or letters to him on my other blog, Letters to Brandon, over there on the left side. So now, one of you some day, will have to remember, if anything ever happened to me, my son needs to find that site, the one that is dedicated in whole to him so he always knows, he was my whole life. Good luck ya’ll I trust one of you will succeed in your mission!

2 thoughts on “Touchy subject

  1. This is a very good idea, although like you said you don\’t want to dwell on the negative! I ended up writing my mom a letter after she died and burying it with her…so it can\’t hurt to have something ready! We will all do our part to make sure Brandon and Codi find their special letters!


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