I’m sick

So sick in fact that everyone has me scared they will cancel the delivery and I just want to sit and pout about it. I will call the dr. today and find out what happens next. How is it possible on Friday my body was all systems go and by Sunday I started to feel like death. Ugggg at this point Jen is going to deliver before me!

10 thoughts on “I’m sick

  1. Sorry to hear you\’re feeling crap. Get better quick. Keeping my fingers crossed 4 u. I imagine being sick is hell when you are pregnant. Is there any medication you can take while pregnant?


  2. Sorry to hear you are feeling sick! Definitely take it easy and just rest so that you can have Codi on Friday. We are all pulling for you to get better asap!!


  3. You\’ll be ok. Just REST. I hate resting but it\’s apparently the best thing for the situation. Besides you won\’t be getting any rest EVER after Friday because you will have two kids. Soooo YEAH. DOn\’t worry- I will make sure to hold Coleton in until you have Codi. But once Codi is out then it is all systems GO on my end! SEX! HOT BATH! SPICY FOOD! RASPBERRY LEAF TEA! SEX! I might even GO FOR A JOG and then BOUNCE ON MY YOGA BALL! Ugh I am so over pregnancy. Can u tell?!


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