Yeah not so much with the video

So I had the stupid video all the way uploaded to my computer. It was doing something called letterboxing which is the final stages of uploading. I asked my husband to plug in my computer so it wouldn’t die while doing the letterboxing thing. He did that. However he didn’t see Brandon over there playing and looking at himself in the web cam, which means he also didn’t see Brandon close the computer.


So I come back out of the room and my computer is off. This means all the video that I had just uploaded went into the trash.

Double Sigh!

Now I was sitting there pulling all the video out of the trash and trying to sort the new footage of Brandon and the new footage of Codi. I got all of the footage of Brandon and I went to create a new movie for Codi’s stuff. They said I didn’t have enough room to save it because I have something like 20 other movies. So I emptied the trash and walked over to my nifty back up thing my mom got me recently. I plugged it in and turned a little and CRASH! Yeah it ate shit. Now I can’t for the life of me figure out how to make it work again, so I just walked away from it for a while and I’m hoping it will just heal itself in a few hours.

Sigh sigh sigh!

I come back to the computer and create a new movie again and go to pull the footage of Codi out of the trash. Yes, the fucking trash I just emptied. That is when I realized I would now have to rewind all my footage, plug my camera back in and start from the beginning with the uploading.

And that folks, is why you don’t see a video here, because I don’t have enough damn patience to do that shit right now.

So, we will start again later tonight!

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