Remember last week when I broke the number one parenting rule

I did that stupid thing. I talked about my kid sleeping. I was all oh look at me, my new baby sleeps in four hour stretches IN HIS CRIB and it’s so great and wonderful woohoo look at me.

Uh huh. No less then 8 hours later did my new baby decide he HATES his crib, that he will only sleep on me and no amount of rocking, feeding or coaxing is going to get that child in his crib. He will sleep in his bassinet, umm but only during daylight hours, which is so not doing anything for me getting sleep during the dark time. Soooo I’ve resorted to co sleeping until I can figure his ass out. It’s not that bad right, I mean Brandon only slept with me for 15 months right. ONLY 15 MONTHS, I am sure I can handle that again right? RIGHT?


Stupid dumb ass me, breaking the number one parenting rule:



10 thoughts on “Remember last week when I broke the number one parenting rule

  1. I feel your pain. I did the same thing this week. I have an almost 10 month old who has slept great for the last several months. He went right down in his crib with no problems and slept through the night. I told my friends about this at Thanksgiving and now for the past 3 nights he has woken up multiple times in the night and cried when we put him down. I\’m praying this is due to his illness the past week and the fact he hasn\’t been in daycare and has gotten off his normal schedule. Gah…why do we do this to ourselves?


  2. I was cringing when you wrote that too…I was hoping you didn\’t jinx yourself xoxoPlease sleep Baby Codi, mommy needs her rest.I\’ll keep my fingers crossed for you 🙂


  3. You are so funny. You were just emailing me the other day saying that Codi slept so well etc. Keep in mind that Max slept with me for 10 months and then I moved him into his crib. It won\’t be forever. Oh sending you lots of good sleep vibes.


  4. My son slept great in his crib …it was when he was moved to a toddler bed that he would always wake up and climb in bed with me, ummm until he was at least 6. Now, that was a pain! ( and probably the reason he was an only child)


  5. The same thing happened to me about food. Little Elvis has his moments, but isn\’t so fond of sleeping. He LOVES food, though. I told one of my friends that he ate everything and didn\’t spit out any foods. That very afternoon he refused to eat his carrots or green beans. I\’ve decided to never brag on his sleeping, even if it does get better.


  6. I was thinking when i read it how lucky you were but maybe a little preamature, my theory is that you do what ever means you get sleep so if co-sleeping is the way than do it!


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