Again, no dna test neccessary

Although this one looks just like me he has some traits that make it obvious he belongs to Rob!

I’m crying because I’m starving. But my mom won’t feed me because I peed out my diaper all over my jammies and she thinks she needs to change me before I get to eat. Gee who cares if my jammies are all covered in pee I want food woman!

So hungry I’m going to eat my shirt here.

Whaaaaaaaa I peed on myself again and I’m pissed.

Fine I’ll relax a little so you can hurry up and finish changing me and give me some food woman!

Oh yeah and put on my cute shoes

Ha ha ha, you just changed me but I’m going to poop. (This is where he is like Rob. He poops loud enough you can hear it in another room. He also just pooped out of his diaper that I put on him not even 2 minutes before. And finally he farts at least 20 times an hour. That is not an exaggeration. Also just like daddy he smiles really big when he farts and poops and is very proud of himself). We went through 4 diapers in 20 minutes today.

I’m tired of this. I got my food, and my poops out, just leave me alone!

Brandon saw me get the camera and he sat on the floor and said I SMILE I SMILE. So here you go, Brandon smiling!

Isn’t he so cute

Also Brandon sneaking up on you BOO!

8 thoughts on “Again, no dna test neccessary

  1. Soooo cute πŸ™‚ And he already looks so different from how he looked when he was born. Amazing how fast they grow…Jayla loves eating her mitten/shirt too when she\’s hungry… Oh and yesterday she PEED on me. I never even thought that girls were able to pee that way but yeah, she got me good LOL I think I\’d be lost with a baby boy πŸ˜‰


  2. They are SO adorable! My little LOVES to \”mess\” out of his diaper as well. I\’ve been driven to write entire blog posts about it. It\’s why they\’re so cute, cause otherwise we\’d think twice about putting up with them! And since I didn\’t remember this from my first to my second…the constant farting & pooping ends after a few weeks. Then it\’s BIG poops a few times a day! Oh Joy!


  3. They are sooo cute. Brandon is like \”TAKE MYYYY PICTURE MOM!!\” Gosh he\’s not used to sharing the limelight just yet. He\’s so cute. πŸ™‚


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