Don’t bother me I’m eating

He pulled it out of the fridge all on his own and called it a cheeseburger????

One of my all time favorite pictures ever..he also thinks it is hilarious! He keeps pointing to it saying look it cheeseburger???????

9 thoughts on “Don’t bother me I’m eating

  1. Brandon is just a little cutie. He has got a great personality. The whole cream cheese thing though…grosses me out. That is like Seth eating ranch by the spoon fulls…YUCK


  2. OMG Ella has been doing the same thing. I haven\’t let her eat it right out of the tub yet, but she will eat all the cream cheese off her bagel and then say \”more cheese please.\” Yesterday we went through a whole stick of butter in 24 hours, quite impressive. She is so skinny I figure it can\’t hurt, right????


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