The best of Shannon cheats part one


First of all let me just tell you two things. One, your only going to get a short version of the stories because I don’t have the patience to type out long drawn out stories. Second, you will not get the best of all the stories, because seriously my mom reads this now and I do have a little pride left!

Back to Cody.

I met Cody at the gym. He had a rock hard body and was insanely good looking. He was a vegetarian and into some kind of Zen type stuff. Cody was awesome. Problem was, he was just to nice for me. We dated on and off for a few years and then my Junior year in high school we decided to give dating a real try. Anyway I got kind of bored with it right around the time he made a new friend Brett. One night Cody and I were hanging out with his friends KC and Brett. We all decided to go to the hot tub. However it was winter so I was dressed in jeans and cute boots and stuff. So I decided I was only going to roll up my jeans and put my legs in to avoid freezing my ass off. Anyway I pulled off my boots and revealed my rainbow stripe toe socks. Brett was amazed. He had never seen anything so silly or ridiculous in his life but at the same time he found it insanely cute. He was obsessed for the rest of the night with my stupid socks.

After that we went in to Bretts room and we were all hanging out. Codi and KC were chilling on the floor by Brett’s bed and I was chilling on the bed with Brett. We were all talking and laughing and then suddenly I realized it was Brett and I talking and laughing and Codi and KC were clearly pissed. Cody told me he was going to go down town ( I was supposed to go with him) and KC was gonna go too. I looked at Brett, looked at them and said, Nah I’m gonna go ahead and stay here.

Long story short I spent the night making out with Brett and in the morning Cody called me wondering if we were still together and actually trusting I did nothing wrong. I explained to him that we were different, something about a deck of cards and not being the same suit (I may have smoked a little weed before our talk) and I totally broke his heart.

Brett and I continued hooking up and then the fun wore off. He was a Canadian hockey player bad boy, but eventually all the hockey talk go to me. Anyway I bumped into Cody again later on and can you believe he was stupid enough to date me again? Wanna guess how that ended.

You know what is funny. Writing this whole post I honestly can’t remember if his name was spelled Cody or Codi. I also can’t remember his last name. How sad. He was in my life on and off for about 4 years. However I can remember every thing about Brett, the guy I messed with for about 2 months total.

So on a scale of 1-10 how bad is it that I totally sent my boyfriend away so I could stay at his friends house and make out with his friend?

2 thoughts on “The best of Shannon cheats part one

  1. Yep you were naughty and you will have to be sent to your room. It is funny however that you remember everything about the guy you made out with as opposed to the guy that you were dating on and off over four years :)…My friend and I once switched boyfriends to see which would kiss better. We were 16…the thought alone creeps me out now 🙂 At the time it was hilarious.


  2. Ha, thats funny. I seriously can\’t believe you sent you bf away to hang with another guy and that he actually dated you…AGAIN. Funny shit man. Oh and you can\’t not hold shit back just cause your mom is reading now. You not censoring is what is so great about your blog.


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