You only think I’m cute

You may all think he’s o so cute. But right before this picture was taken, he had pooped four times, in 3 diapers, in 4 minutes. I would wait each time give him some time watch him, make sure he was done and fasten a new diaper on. He would grin and then SPLOOOOOOOOOOGEEEEE (he’s a super loud pooper) he would poop again. I finally changed the fourth diaper and gave up. I walked out of the room and put him on his boppy.

43 seconds later, while I was taking this sweet innocent picture of him being cute, he was busy splooooging again! He is down for a nap now, he has since pooped about 3 more times. I changed him once more and then gave up and decided I’m giving him about 20 minutes to finish whatever little pooping marathon he is on!

I’m just so happy Brandon loves Codi this much. I can’t wait for them to be older and team up against me and fart on me, and booby trap the house and have that brotherly bond that only daddy can infiltrate long enough to help them plot bigger and better antics against me!

Big Brother and Little Brother!

3 thoughts on “You only think I’m cute

  1. Oh my gosh, that picure of B kissing C is a framer for sure! So adorable! What a good big brother Brandon is. I hope they\’ll be the best of friends! 🙂


  2. LOL Yes some babies sure can poop.Its so wonderful when the get bigger and start to play, my 2 year old and one year old are best friends these days and always up to something.Its great watching them together


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