Another episode of “There’s no doubt he’s her kid”

Guest post by Ginger

First of all, I am so sad because I wrote this whole blog and then my computer crashed and I lost it. I’ll try to re-create my magic!

After reading yesterday about Shannon’s (and Brandon’s) play date with Emery, the first thing I thought was how true it is that Brandon is Shannon’s kid. Now I’m sure all kids throw dirt and things but from my experience, Brandon definitely likes to throw things. Dirt, his Cheetos, a shoe (and then a sock), anything out of the shopping cart, his (full) apple juice container at my head…you get the drift.

Has Shannon ever shared with you how much she liked to throw things at her friends (and/or shove them in their faces.)? Dirt, peanut butter, pizza, flour…

My favorite memory that comes to mind is one day Shannon was hanging out at my house. We were wandering around the neighborhood, getting into all sorts of trouble I’m sure. I don’t remember the exact details, but we got in a dirt fight (because we were super girly girls like that). And yes she started it. We had dirt EVERYWHERE. In our hair. In our ears. In our clothes. In..well you get the picture. Did I mentioned that we were middle school? Eventually Shannon’s mom showed up to pick her up. After she left, I continued to hang out with some of the hoodlums in my neighborhood. After about 5 minutes I see Shannon’s mom’s car head back down the road towards me. She flips a U-turn so she is on the same side of the road as me and rolls down the window. “WHY IS THERE DIRT IN MY DAUGHTERS EARS AND HAIR?” She shouts at me. Anyone who knows Shannon’s mom know exactly the tone of voice she was using! I was shocked. Shannon just sat there all quiet and innocent, like she didn’t do ANYTHING wrong and I was the one who started the dirt fight. I WAS SO NOT THE ONE WHO STARTED IT!

And then there was the time my dad took us out for pizza and out of no-where she just shoved my piece of pizza in my face. Emery, Ezra…I would watch out for these two if I were you.

4 thoughts on “Another episode of “There’s no doubt he’s her kid”

  1. OMG Mae and I got in a mud fight once. We were COVERED head to toe in disgusting, weedy mud and we clogged up her shower drain trying to get clean! Ah.. Trouble.


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