She beat me to it

My mom was making bets on who would post first and dang it Emery totally wins! I have to steal some of her pics because my camera battery took a shit right when they walked in, so I only got about 4 pictures. First I have to say tell you about my little freak out. Emery emailed me a while back ago and said she would be in Reno and we should meet up. I was like oh cool, yeah, NEVER GONNA HAPPEN. You know like,

“Sure sure dahling of course we’ll do dinner,” only it never happens.

Now please understand that I didn’t it wouldn’t happen cuz of Emery, I thought it wouldn’t happen because I am a nervous freakazoid who doesn’t do well around new people, and the Emery of today is totally a new people to me. Anyway about 30 minutes before Emery arrived I started freaking out to Stephanie that I was totally afraid of Emery coming over. You see, I have a tendency to get all nervous and talk to much and act like a dork. I mean honestly I’m just short of shaking and sweating and snorting when I laugh when I get around people. Yeah I said people. I’m like this around all people but my 4 close friends. Then I started thinking, shit, my kid is gonna be a huge bully and pick on her son and her son looks like a good kid. Crap crap crap.

My door bell rang and I was all DUN DUN DUN here goes nothing. The first thing I saw was Ezra. OKAY pictures don’t do justice to this kid people. He should be in magazines he is so freaking cute. I mean CUTE! Then he started talking and I was like ohmygosh listen to that little voice. Then Emery came in and dammit her hair was stunning and I actually spent a good five minutes standing behind her while she was sitting on the floor with the boys wondering how in the hell she got her hair to do that with all those clippy things. In the beginning the boys got along great. I of course talked to much and Emery totally went along with it and listened to my rambling and didn’t even give me one single WILLYOUPLEASESHUTUPWOMAN look! Brandon loved having a boy over to play with. They acted just like boys, they threw rocks, threw dirt, threw Cheetos, and of course they got into a couple wrestling matches.

Playing with the airplane and the m&m car that caused both wrestling matches. Oh there was a scuffle over a quarter too.

Memorized by Shark Tale

Jumping on the bed just like boys. This totally thrilled me because seriously I’m the hugest advocate of bed jumping! I say boys should be boys!

Seconds before they both started slinging dirt all over. They came in with dirt in their hair, pants and shoes. I’m scared to look in Brandon’s ears. Whatever though, Brandon had a blast, a little dirt won’t hurt right.

And then came the wrestling. Emery and I were all,”Oh how funny they are totally wrestling over the toy,” it was really cute. They both clamped on to that car so hard and it was almost like an arm wrestling match where they were both just frozen on the toy and it was like first to let go loses. Then they started throwing punches and smacking each other. While it was really cute to capture Brandon’s first real fight Emery and I thought MAYBE just maybe we should step in.

All in all it was just totally awesome to have a friend come over and listen to me talk and talk and talk and talktalktalktalktalk. But then you won’t believe what happened. Emery said we should do it again. I about died. I didn’t scare my new friend off. I told her we should make a park date because seriously I would love to see the fun these two boys can have with a slide and some swings and an even bigger pile of dirt!

Thank you Emery I had a super blast! Our next meet up should involve a park and some Starbucks!

9 thoughts on “She beat me to it

  1. I beat you! Ha! (Although I don\’t have a newborn and a job… I\’ve got lots of time to kill over here… heh.)Haha you hid your freak-out very well and NO you DID NOT talk too much AT ALL!!! I seriously had such a good time, and I think a park and some Starbucks sounds absolutely wonderful. I bet those boys would have even more fun on neutral territory- I bet they\’d play for hours and hours! Added benefit: And I could snuggle Codi more. Wee!


  2. What is it about kids and fighting over toys they normally don\’t look at. As soon as anybody\’s interested in them they have to have that shit too. Oh wait I am the same with my purses…DAng


  3. I am a freakazoid too about meeting and hanging out with new people. I talk talk talk also and then break out in hives. It gets really ackward and dorky. Can you imagine if we got together? It looks like you guys had lots of fun. The boys are so cute, I agree a few girls would really add to the mix, Ellie and Ella would really add some spice.


  4. I love the pictures of little boys and/or girls totally entranced by a television show…yet not putting down the toys they are holding. All three are adorable.


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