Not a fun game for all

My son has a new favorite game. Stepping on the electronic scale to watch the numbers move. Then he looks at me and makes me read out the number. Sounds fun right? Sure. Fun till he says, “you next”. This means I have to stand on it next. It’s even worse because then I have to read MY NUMBER out loud. What makes this harder is that since I’m part of the Tuesday Tummy Tuck Club I’m only allowed to step on the scale on Tuesdays. So every Tuesday when he sees me walking toward the guest bathroom he follows and waits for me to shout out my number. It’s not enough I had to feel like a lard ass in the morning but did I really have to tell the spiders and flies and wallpaper I was a lard ass too? Then on the mornings he wants to play that aren’t Tuesday I get to mix it up a little. I still get on the scale I just don’t look. So when it’s time to shout out my number I’m all 136 128 110. Oh yeah. You got get your kicks somewhere right?

You know it’s not to late to come over and join the Tummy Tuck Club. I just started since I just had Codi and the others have been going for almost 2 months now. We need all the support and company we can get. Especially me because really how long can I walk around saying, “I only look like this because I JUST had a baby”????? I used that for way way WAY to long after Brandon. How long did you say you use I just had a baby? Also, how long is acceptable to wear maternity clothes. While they fit in the waist the hips and thighs are starting to look a little silly. So what do you say?

5 thoughts on “Not a fun game for all

  1. Haha…I\’m all for shouting out a number that is not on the scale…can you send Brandon over next week so I can play his game and shout out 120?? That would be super thanks! I about died laughing when you said you didn\’t want to have to tell the spiders and the flies and the wallpaper too!!


  2. I got pregnant with Izzy when Porgie was only 8 months old, so I felt really justified in saying, \”I am fat because I just had a baby and now I am having another one.\” Actually, I plan on using this line until I am skinny again.


  3. I have heard the saying \”it took nine months to put it on it should take nine months to take it off.\” I never used this excuse though, other people would use it for me which is almost worse. I remember being at work and someone was talking about there weight and I made a comment back \”like yea I know how it is.\” And she said \”but you just had a baby.\” Ella was 18 months old. HELLO I did not JUST have a baby. I wore maternity clothes forever after I had Ella because I refused to buy larger jeans.


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