My Moby

My mom just got me this thing. It’s called a Moby. It’s soooo cool. I can wrap Codi up about 9 different ways. I’ve done two so far. This is how he is sleeping right now. It’s organic cotton, super soft and way comfy for me and him. I think I need like 2 more, one for my car so I have it at the store and mall and one for work and then my home one. These things are just awesome. You all need one now!

11 thoughts on “My Moby

  1. That is a pretty neat idea. Now you\’re like a cangaroo and you can take the little one with you wherever you go and you even have both of your hands free


  2. Ooooh you are going to become a wrapping addict now!! Honest it\’s totally addictive. When Codi becomes to heavy for a stretchy wrap you\’ll start collecting woven ones! It\’s a slippery slope. Go over the thebabywearer site and see. We\’re all hooked!


  3. Oh I love it. I have the Ergo carrier, which is great once they get bigger and I also have the over the shoulder-never loved it. But that one looks awesome!!


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