The golden necter of grossness

The sickie in his bed being the king of the world, watching Back in the Back yard on his brand new cable DVR box hooked up to his Superman TV! Do you know what this means???? This means my Tivo can finally have room for something other then Dora, Mermaid, Tigger, JoJo, Wubzy, Cow, Elmo, Monster House, Mickey, Pooh and on and on and on!

My kids are sick. Both of them. And if you thought a two year old with a stuffy nose who couldn’t breath was sad, well a 4 week old who can’t breath is even sadder. Since he can’t breath he has had trouble nursing at night. That is even sadder then the first part of the sad. Anyway since he can’t nurse well I keep waking up with a lot of milk. However last night about 2am I was full. My boobs were FULL!!!! He nurses some on one side but not the side that was bursting at the seems. I thought about pumping but really didn’t want to bug the whole house. So I just went back to bed. The next thing I know I woke up in a puddle. I was laying on my left side and so much milk had leaked out of my right boob that it was literally filling up my bra on the other side. Enough that I could actually dunk my finger in it. Fun huh? Yeah that was terrific. Since I’m lazy I grabbed a cloth diaper (I use em as burp rags) and tucked it into my bra and called it even. Nope I woke up with a sopping wet bra and shirt and child (he was sleeping with me). I had to pump this morning when I woke up because if not Codi totally chokes and then spits out all his milk. Can you believe after all that leaking I still got about 6 oz off my right boob alone? Yeah it was that full. I then got 2 off my left (he had been nursing off that side at night thats why it was less). But still 6 ounces on one side people I can’t even imagine the amount I would have gotten last night had I not leaked out about 38 ounces on myself. I do not love waking up drenched thats for sure!

In other news Brandon spewed out cream cheese vomit all over my couch last night. And no amount of upholstery cleaner (I so just spelled upholstery with an A, apolstry, hmm), Fabreeze, and Lysol are taking the smell out. So I’m sitting her smelling this rotting milk smell and I keep thinking, “omg your bra is rotting from all the leakage last night,” but then I stop and realize that NO its the tub of cream cheese my sick child puked up last night. I’m going to have a damn nervous break down over this. I would just wash all the cushion covers AGAIN but he puked on the back of the couch too…you know the kind I can’t just wash!

Brandon is laying next to me and he is giving me a shot up his nose and I can see the boogers from here. Man oh man this stuff is sad.

Lets see what else. My husbands old bosses wife came over last night to bring us dinner. Seriously he hasn’t worked there in over a year but they still love him. I’m not sure I’ve met nicer people. She brought us dinner as something nice after having Codi. She brought, mashed potatoes with garlic, chicken, garlic bread and cheese bread, a salad and cookies. Cookies of the Gods by the way, I need her recipe. She even put it in a fancy little basket and covered it with pretty table clothes. Then she packed Brandon a present and got me a cute Scrapbook for Codi. Now that is a lot of work for someone to go through for a guy who hasn’t worked for them in over a year and only worked for them for about a year. Does that give you an idea about the kind of guy I’m married to? Yeah, he’s that guy. The guy that everyone loves. Not just because he is nice (but omg is my husband about the nicest friendliest guy you’ll EVER EVER meet) but because he also does his job. He is such a hard worker, and not because he wants to show off, or hes trying to get over time or something, nope hes just that way because its his nature. You do something, you do it 100%. So that means that when he worked for that boss the boss that basically didn’t like anyone and was mean to everyone (they did construction so there was a lot of yelling), he was the one getting called pet names like son, or buddy. He was the only one given a full week off paid leave when he had a baby (another guy had one same week and didn’t get a dime), he was the only one who got time off for my other surgeries, in fact he got flown back from his job site by his boss just to make sure he was home in time. He was the only one who basically never got in trouble and his boss and his wife still to this day talk to us. They don’t speak to anyone after they quit. Not us. They have brought a present to both of Brandon’s birthdays. His wife emails me, and last night they brought over a full dinner. So you see, thats the kind of man I married. The man that makes the biggest meanest bully of a boss turn into your goddamn best friend or your dad. In the mean time I can’t stop eating cookies because they might be the best cookie I’ve ever had in my life.

10 thoughts on “The golden necter of grossness

  1. Thank you for that little glimps into mommy-hood. My day would not have been complete without the visual of your bra filling with breast milk and cream cheese vomit on the couch I am probably going to be sitting on this weekend.


  2. Oh I just hate boob leakage all over the bed. For the longest time I slept with a pee pad underneath the fitted sheet, just for this reason. I was so afraid of ruining our brand new mattress, with sour milk.I hope the kids feel better soon.


  3. Awwww, the poor little boys 😦 I hope they\’ll feel better soon!!!!Oh and about the leaking boobs: Jayla nurses A LOT but I still usually wake up soaked in sticky, yucky milk at least once a night… soooo gross…


  4. We use Vinegar in our wash during the rinse cycle (as well as when we first put the wash in). It takes out the odors. You may want to try putting vinegar in a hand held steam cleaner to see if it will take the smell out. Good luck! I hope he\’s feeling better soon.


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