Monster Christmas

I pretty much forgot to mention everything Brandon got for Christmas when I got so caught up in everything, Rob, my parents and Ginger got me.

Some of the things he got from my parents:
2 Giant dinosaurs that make noise and stuff and Brandon just loves them
Some clothes
A ton of paint with water paint books
Coloring books
Regular books
An antique dump truck
A cute table and chairs (also antique)
A play mat thingy magigy
A plate and bowl

I think I’m forgetting stuff but there was just so much. Anyway the biggest most super exciting present of all was the one my dad got him. My dad hand picked this out at the hardware store. It is a monster trike. Brandon already has a small trike and this thing puts that one to shame. This trike could roll over the other one. I know, I know I bet your thinking, monster trike, how big could it be. Well just scroll down.

(No that isn’t my son it is the stock picture)

The store actually calls this an ALL TERRAIN TRICYCLE. It is made out of steel and has a 13″ front tire and 10″ rear tires and they are actually rubber. Here is what else they say.
Includes safety reflectors and no-slip traction pedals, front tire guard, ball bearing wheels, hardened steel ”T” frame base and adjustable chrome plated handle bars. Rear tow hitch for pulling wagons or trailers. Adjustable frame for kids ages 3 to 7.

Brandons is way cooler though because my dad put flame stickers on it and got him a honker horn AND A BELL horn. Its so rad. He also hand painted LETS ROLL (pronounced lets wowle) because that is what him and papa say all the time. Its really neat.

Anyway. It was a little too big so my dad spent Christmas day cutting wooden blocks to make the peddles taller. He affixed those to the peddles and then put little leather straps on those so he could put his feet in them and they wouldn’t fall out. It is funny shit to see him riding it. I will take a picture of it as soon as we get back from San Francisco and show you all.

We tricked him into finding it too. They put it in the room with the stockings instead of the room with the tree. He opened all his presents under the tree and he thought he was done and they called him in to open his stocking and there was the monster trike. It was pretty funny because he just assumed it was his and hopped right on and forgot all about his stocking full of more presents.

Brandon had an even better Christmas then all of us put together I think!

2 thoughts on “Monster Christmas

  1. that is one freaking awesome trike… makes me want one :-)so i had to work until 11:30pm on friday, which sucked, but i hopped onto your page and listened to your little radio thingy to keep me company 🙂


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