My dad is a damn genius.

So recently I was whining about how long it took my water to warm up and stuff like that. Well my mom mentioned it to my dad who happens to own a heating and air conditioning company. So when I went to San Francisco he came over to surprise me and install some kind of recirculating pump thingy magigy (yeah yeah technical terms..not so good at them). Anyway Rob ended up helping him finish it and the thing is fricking magical. I turn on a faucet and BAM hot water. It is so freaking awesome. When I need to defrost breastmilk BAM its done in the time it used to take just for my water to heat up. If I want to shower I’m already done shaving by the time the water would have warmed up. When I need to wash my breast pump parts the water is hot and I’m done washing in the time it would have taken to stand there wasting water waiting for it to heat. I’m going to save so much money on my water bill not standing there waiting for it to heat up. I think this is my favorite thing my dad has given me.

PS I whined about my duct work and stuff too (I live in a track house = shitty HVAC job) and now I’m getting a super 90% modulating holy shit batman kind of furnace with a super mega 13 SEER A/C and a whole new duct job. It’s okay if you want to hate me. I won’t mention how I already have a pimp electronic air cleaner and humidifier.

And yes I’m bragging and whatever but I don’t care I can! It’s nice to have a dad in this kind of trade considering I CAN NOT be cold and my husband CAN NOT be hot. He he I love my new water. I keep thinking of things to do with it, or getting excited to wash bottle parts.

And I won’t admit it if I really do say BAM every time I turn on my water.

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