Checking In

Good morning. How are you? Yeah I’ve been missing all weekend. I would like to say I was off doing something amazing but I was umm, not. Lets see I cleaned a bathroom (yeah only one, I got to lazy to do the other), cleaned the kitchen, washed some jeans, ummm well yeah that’s about it. Don’t I look sexy this morning? Thats how Shannon looks after only a half a cup of coffee. You should see me after two. Yeah the sexy really starts roaring then. What is that behind me, hmmm yup lovely little burp cloth. Whats not pictured? That would be my enormous boobs covered in giant blue veins that just scream out THAT WOMAN IS NURSING A SMALL BABY. Well it’s either that or someone drew blue lines on me with a marker. I’m too tired to really know the difference right now. Other things you can’t see. My über sexy 7 year old Abercrombie jammie pants with no less then 10 holes right where the thighs are. You know how that is, when you put on some weight and your thighs rub together when you walk. You somehow wear a hole into the spot on your pants right where you actually need some fabric so as to not see my lime green granny panties sticking out from the holes in my jammies. Do you like my hair? I call this the unwashed, unstyled, unawesome hairdo. Am I going to shower before work? MMmm odds are, doubtful! If I showered then I couldn’t drink another cup of coffee and play with the photobooth feature on my computer. Lets get real here, I have priorities and who needs a shower when I can just slap some deodorant and a hat on right? RIGHT? Oh check the double chin too. I know men only dream of waking up to this kind of sexy. This morning I’m going to try out some new Special K with red berries eggos I got. Only 80 calories. Funny huh. I won’t eat cereal to save my life but I’ll totally eat the cereal brand Eggo thingies. Isn’t it also weird that I can’t eat cereal because I’m afraid of the bug parts in it but I will eat cookies. Isn’t cereal just smaller O shaped cookies? Tiny baby is up now. Must go get him from my warm snuggly bed then go change his diaper. Need to find slippers and sherpa clothes to go to his room as that room is FUUUREEEZING!

Okay we are back now. Must do some very important things, like staring at the calender on the wall. Notice the matching double chins. Codi’s all HAI I’m all freshed faced and cute mom whats your deal? Do something about those bags under your eyes, and seriously mom can you maybe brush your teeth sheesh. Uh oh big headed boy has to go poo oop. Must go wipe second tush of the day. Wait, no mommy I not pinish pooping (plop) huh mama whats making noise in dere is dat me pinish pooping? Ahhhh I love being a mom! Okay its after 7 which means I need to get my ass in gear so I can be on time for work and what not. Adios amigos!

Codi says, thats just my neck wrinkle it isn’t a third chin mmmkay! Brandon says, when I’m older these will be my bedroom eyes. I’m going to be kicking a lot of ditzy high school ass when these guys are older aren’t I?

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