Feeling very powerful…and also kind of sneaky

This weekend my dad finished installing my zoning system. What’s a zoning system you ask? That means that for each zone in my house (ie, living room, boys room, master room) there is a separate thermostat. So, what that means is when we are lounging in the living room we can have the heat on in there with out un-necessarily heating our bedroom. Or at night we can make our bedroom toasty with out wasting energy heating the living room. Or we can have our room at 65 but the boys room can be at 70 so they are extra toasty.

The point of all this is that this is extra helpful with Rob and I being polar opposites. Seriously in the summer he’ll be burning hot and want the A/C on and I’ll be just right and want it off. In the winter he will be perfect and I will be colder then a popcicle in Antarctica. A large portion of our relationship is spent with me sneaking over to the thermostat and turning it up 74 and then him sneaking behind me and turning it off. We can do this for hours and never tire of it. Some times at night I’ll wake up and crank up the heater while he is sleeping and he will wake up all confused and sweating.

Back to the point. Today I was sitting in the living room and I was FUUUREEEZING! Rob was in the bedroom. I got up and wanted to turn on the thermostat but I knew Rob would get mad because he would be hot. I sat down and pouted and then I remembered my zoning system. I hopped right up and cranked that sucker to 71. I sat her on my couch all toasty and warm while Rob sat in the igloo bedroom all cool and comfy. I felt so sneaky and powerful having control of my very own thermostat. Seriously, it was how I imagine it would feel if Rob ever let me have the remote control.

10 thoughts on “Feeling very powerful…and also kind of sneaky

  1. That is too cool. I am really jealous. The first words out of my husbands mouth when he comes in the door from work is some variation of did you turn the air up or did you turn the heater on? GAH..Drives me crazy.


  2. Ohhhhh, you lucky bitch! I am super jealous. I want one of those fancy devices. Mostly for summer when the upstairs is like a boiler room and downstairs is just perfect. Sacramento summers are ridiculously HOT! So very jealous.


  3. What oh what are you and Rob going to do with all of your free time now that you are not constantly sneaking around turning the thermostat up and down or arguing about the other one turning the thermostat up or dow? just imagine, you will have so much free time!


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