15 thoughts on “New specs

  1. I ♥ them!!!!! I\’m in desperate need of new ones………And yes if you wouldn\’t mind I would love to borrow Brandon so he can pee and maybe poop on her!!! It would be the highlight of my day! :o)


  2. As a fellow glasses gal…I love them! They are awesome. I am getting some new ones in the next month and will show them off too.


  3. What about something along the lines of the white wall in the background has a better tan that you? Yeah, that probably counts.But you do look amazing and the glasses are cute.


  4. babba: any timechristy: i\’m only barely blindcoffee slut: my secret is watching my calories, eating only home made food, and nothing from a jar, can or box.ginger: ooo your a fucker too!all of you: I\’M NOT SO SKINNY I\’M STILL VERY BIG! I JUST KNOW HOW TO TAKE A GOOD PICTURE!!!!!


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