Happy Easter and all that jazz

I have great pictures of Easter. I think. Maybe. I wouldn’t know, the camera died and is currently sitting on the charger. And, while I could totally pull it off the charger and load pictures, I would never remember to put it back on, and that would result in another partially charged camera battery meaning that the next time my child is right in the middle of doing something TOTALLY AWESOME my camera will fucking die again!

Easter is my favorite holiday. If you read this blog you should know that. So in honor of Easter I made sure to cram AS MUCH SHIT AS POSSIBLE into 2 days! So here you go, my weekend.

Friday was Shannon money day. First, I sold one of my bassinets to Steph, she brought me money. Then I sold a second bassinet on Craigslist. They brought me money. Then my renter who has been causing me some trouble felt bad and brought me $100.00 cash. Hell yeah.

Proceeds from one bassinet went straight to checking account. The money from second bassinet went to pay a deposit on a spot for a softball tournament for my husband. That left $100.00 cold hard cash staring at me! Ginger and I had planned to have dinner together Friday so I decided to splurge and go for Fondue at the Melting Pot. We had a great time and at least 3 hours later we both left wondering how far in the parking lot we had to make it before it would be acceptable to unbutton our pants and let our bellies hang out like Homer Simpson.

Later I watched Big Brother. I saw the part where Ryan chose to take $10,000 from Shelia the single mom rather then a motorcycle. Is it just me or am I the only person who thinks a motorcycle is worth way more then $10,000? My thought would be, give the single mom her $10,000, take the bike and E-bay or Craigslist it and make wayyyyy more then the measly 10’gs. But thats just me.

Saturday morning my husbands car alarm went off for no reason. I was very tired the next day.
We woke up and I straightened up some. Then Rob took Brandon to get a hair cut. He looks fucking awesome.

While Rob went to get Brandon’s hair cut I did some exercises. I did some sit ups, push ups, leg lifty things (you know you lay between a doorway and hold on, then try and lift your legs from the floor up into a 90 degree angle), and various other things. Then I decided to do some jumping jacks. Note to self. Doing jumping jacks while wearing nothing but undies and a bra means you get to hear every inch of your fat slapping and jiggling around. DON’T DO THIS AGAIN!

I ironed our clothes for the Easter egg hunt that day and then hung them up. We planned to take family pictures of the egg hunt but had lunch plans before the hunt, and I knew that Brandon couldn’t stay clean. I also knew that I could not stay clean (seriously spilled cheese on myself 4 times at Fondue, wasn’t risking messing up my white shirt).

Went to lunch at Claim Jumper with my grandpa. I got nachos. They were amazing. Whole black beans, real melted cheese, sour cream, delicious home made salsa, oh baby, it’s dirty remembering it. Brandon got the cutest little kid plate. It had macaroni, trees (broccoli) and apples with caramel. The macaroni was fantastic. Seriously, it was homemade, with real cheese and fun noodles, no boxed stuff for claim jumper. He devoured that and his trees which made me proud that he actually wanted to eat his veggies more then his trees.

Still at lunch my husband ordered the club sandwich. It was about the same length as my arm. The fries were to die for.

Headed to the Easter egg hunt and we decided this year to do the hunt for big kids. It is put on in a tiny town a few miles out of Reno at the local school. They have a little tiny kids area on the grass thats just eggs everywhere. Then a medium size kid area that is in some rocks and sagebrush. Finally the big kids get to go in the trees and mountains and dirt and stuff. We started in the medium kid area and before we even crossed into the really big kid area Brandon’s Easter basket was full (note to self buy him giant basket next year.) In the big area I had to carry him over some rocks and lift him into the trees. He made out with over 40 eggs.

After the hunt we headed to the school playground and Brandon, Jaida and Maizey played together and guess what THEY DIDN’T EVEN FIGHT WITH EACH OTHER. We took some super great family pictures and I got some awesome pics of the kids and the rest of the family (check my flicker to the right to see them).

After that we rushed to the hospital to see my friend Alli’s new baby. Rob dropped me off and headed up to my grandmas house. I got up to her room and she was passed out. No part of me was going to wake a brand new mom so I sneaked a peak at the baby and left waiting for Rob to pick me back up.

We flew across town to Babies R Us where I had a date with Julia. Since I would have been late he just dropped me off there.

Julia and I shopped around the store for hours and it was really fun to have someone to go in the moms room and nurse babies with. Her little girl is soooo cute and has the reddest hair. Codi would not stop smiling and flirting with her. At one point I was worried Julia was going to tell him to back of her sweet little girl (just joking). At the end of the date I even got little Jayla to smile and giggle at me. Rob came and got me and we rushed home so he could get ready for sushi.

I realized I had forgotten to buy stuff to make the dip for the party I had to attend the next day so I hauled ass to the store and then made the dip. I only ate 2 bites of dip which is damn amazing for me.

I did eat a half a can of super processed spicy nacho cheese dip (I didn’t even try and think about calories this weekend).

Rob went to sushi and I fed Codi some rice cereal and gave him a bath. He was grabbing my hand trying to jam the cereal in as fast as possible, then pushing it right back out with his tongue because he couldn’t figure it out. It was so very cute.

Around 10pm my parents came over and did some super secret stuff in my backyard and then took off again.

Sunday night Robs car alarm went off again for no reason. I am now convinced someone is fucking with us because this is the third time. My theory is that they are purposely setting it off and running, hoping that we will eventually start ignoring it and then really break in.

About 1am on Sunday I suddenly felt as though someone grabbed the bed from the other side and tipped it. I literally felt as though I was rolling or spinning. It continued on for the remainder of the night. That morning I bent down and was spinning so bad I stumbled and almost fell over. By noon it was gone.

Sunday morning we got up and Brandon opened his Easter stuff from Rob and I. Then we opened the curtains to the back sliding door and saw a bicycle with training wheels, a giant thing of bubbles, a bubble gun, a helmet, knee and elbow pads, some Peeps, some malted eggs and a flute thing.

There was also a GIANT remote control tarantula. Brandon didn’t give a shit about the bike or the bubbles and ran right out for his spider. He loved it. He walked it allll over the place. However he pushed the wrong button and it came after him. He took of screaming but didn’t let go of the button and the spider kept chasing him. It was great.

Then Brandon looked up and realized the yard was full of plastic eggs full of money. He ran around finding eggs squeeling “I found the egg, I did it I did it mama I found the egg, I found nother egg, NOTHER EGG MAMA THERES NOTHER EGG THERES MORE NOTHER EGG. Yeah, there were a ton of eggs.

We came in and opened all his money and played for a while and then went out and played with the bubble gun and big thing of bubbles. We were all dressed and ready to head to Jaidas birthday party. We were just killing time before hand. I came inside to feed Codi and looked up to see Brandon jumping. I asked Rob to investigate and he found Brandon jumping in a mixture of bubbles and dirty. Much to my dismay he had to aquire his second outfit of the day.
We headed to Lisa’s house for Jaida’s birthday and made a stop along the way to pick up a present for this blogger.

When we got to the party both boys were out. When Brandon finally woke up he was doing really cute stuff in the bounce house and my camera died. We had a great time at the party. My favorite part was after cake, while the birthday girl was opening presents someone turned around and realized Brandon was quietly sitting on the table dipping his finger in the frosting on the remaining half of the cake and just gleefully eating away while all eyes were on the birthday girl.

We then went to Target to find Target closed due to the holiday. So we went to Walmart. I picked up some more color wonder stuff for Brandon. However this gave me an idea.

We got home and I proceeded to do a full on spring cleaning of Brandons room. This meant cleaning the top of his closet, going through all of his clothes (drawers and closet) and checking for sizes. Then I pulled out all of his shorts and checked those too. I cleaned out his play table and took out all of the crayons and markers he doesn’t use right now since he’s all about color wonder stuff. Then I got the brilliant idea to take all the caps off some of his other dried up markers and hide them in a drawer for when Brandon loses yet another lid to his favorite markers (some day I’m going to find some super mega stash of color wonder lids hidden in his room). I started cramping near my surgery scar and getting dizzy again so I hurried up and finished doing his laundry and decided to eat some ramen for dinner.

Midway through cleaning Brandons room Codi started wailing. I went in to find him covered in poop. Rob was trying to McGyver something together in Brandons room so he didn’t hear my screams for help. I suddenly realized that to date Rob has not encountered a single super soaker poop of Codis. I want to know how he has planned this.

I was chatting with my mom when she reminded me that I needed to post an Easter post for ya’ll because she didn’t want me to leave you guys hanging for a whole weekend. I ate my ramen and sat down to write all of this out.

I’m now enjoying some chocolate and some water, spinning in circles mentally and hoping you all forgive me for not having pictures up yet.

I have to weigh in in two days. I am laughing at myself because I am pretty sure there will be no loss and a pretty good gain. I don’t even care. I had a long weekend and Easter is my favorite holiday. I made it through Christmas and Thanksgiving with pretty large weight losses. But if anyone of you expected a loss during my favorite holiday of the year…well, I’m laughing out loud at you!

I must go to bed now. Codi is in his crib which means as soon as I shut my eyes he will wake up and want to be in my bed.

Happy Easter ya’ll!

3 thoughts on “Happy Easter and all that jazz

  1. Wow, long, busy Easter weekend, huh!!!!It was so great seeing you again one more time before we leave for TX. Too bad that Jayla was jet lagged and did not have her best day because I am sure otherwise she would have flirted a lot more too because Codi is soooo freaking cute.Oh and she actually kept sleeping for 3 whole hours after she fell asleep on me! Gave me enough time to assemble all the things I bought. And thanks for helping me picking out everything, it\’s always great having a more experienced mommy there when you go baby shopping!! She loooooves the swing :))


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