Shattering the facade

Ginger wrote this post yesterday. I’m going to stop here while you go and read it AND COMMENT ON IT! Seriously, read it first so that my post makes sense, and also, maybe then I will seem, ummm, less Suzy Messmaker and more Suzy Homemaker compared to her.

Okay so you’re back now huh. Was that pretty funny? Did you comment? If not, go back! So! Ginger was talking about how she needed a man who did dishes. And I’m all psssh I got that babe. I even got a man who does his own laundry and the whites. Ummm but, that leaves me with ….

Annnnd I can hear my mom sighing SHANNNNNNNNNONNNNN I TAUGHT YOU BETTER all the way over here. Those would be clean clothes. Seems I have no problem getting them in the washer. I do have a minor problem getting them in the dryer meaning I usually rewash most loads once before they make it in the drying. (My mom is really shaking her head now). But once they get out of the dryer, well then we have a problem. I find myself just staring at them willing them to fold themselves. And then I will finally fold them and stare at them again willing them to put themselves away. However, as you can see from above, well, the laundry and I, we haven’t been getting along so well lately. (My laundry only, the kids clothes are all done and folded and sorted and organized).

In my defense!!! I had actually been doing really good at folding clothes which is why all the kids clothes are folded and put away and my jeans are folded. However, most of that basket is clothes that are too big for me and I just don’t feel like folding them just to not wear them. But I don’t want to get rid of some of it because fat girl tank tops are really great lounge clothes. So until I make a decision about what to keep and what to sell then I will keep staring angrily at that damn basket.

I’m also doing sort of an experiment. I learned once on one of those clean house shows that you should do something with everything in a room ie put all your cooking stuff in a box. Then pull out something as you use it and put it away. At the end of six months or a year (so you’ve now passed every holiday and event) you agree to give away all the unused stuff in a box. I did this once and I ended up with soooo much stuff to garage sale that was just cluttering my drawers. I did this with my closet too, where I turned the hangers the other way and then when I wore something I hunt it back up on the hanger facing the right way. In the end the stuff with hangers that were never turned got put into the sell pile. I am now kind of doing this with my drawers. Since I don’t have a lot of clothes I mean seriously that basket is all of my jammies, most of my shirts, shorts, and lounge clothes, I don’t have much. My plan is that in 2 weeks anything left in the basket will be sold. I already refilled the basket and when I did I looked at what was left in there after the first week and sure enough it was just a bunch of maternity or really big shirts and sweats that are to big to even be comfy anymore.

I figure since it is spring and I’ve been spring cleaning that I would finally for reals spring clean my closet and drawers. I’m sick of opening them and thinking they are full and realizing I won’t wear any of whats in them. So while I will always suck at folding my clothes and putting them away I have made an effort to get better at it.

Do you have any hidden household secrets. Like you never scrub your toilet, or you don’t dust picture frames. Share with me your “dirty laundry.”

7 thoughts on “Shattering the facade

  1. Feck it. Why didn\’t you mention this before? This is a great idea. I have the same issues and we just spent hours upon hours decluttering.I\’m going to try that next time.


  2. I am blessed with a husband who will do dishes and laundry. He will not however put the freaking toilet paper on the dispenser. Drives me crazy. He will also not put clothes in the hamper. But I know I still have it a lot better than most wives.


  3. So you totally stole my post and already have more comments than me…at least you gave me credit, but I am still jealous! That is a really good idea, about putting everything in a box and seeing what\’s left and getting rid of it. At least next time someone asks why I have a pile of clean laundry next to my bed I can tell them I am doing this. At least it will make me seem more proactive about my mess.


  4. I have a closet full of clothes that don\’t fit, but I am hoping that they will fit me again – eventually.I hate folding laundry too. I really don\’t mind washing and drying it, but folding it is a pain in the ass.


  5. I think I am going to try that thing with the clothes and facing the hangers the other way. I currently have three closets and two dresser PLUS my entire bedroom floor FULL OF CLOTHES! Do I wear them all? OF COURSE NOT! SILLY! Going to do laundry right now!!


  6. Heh. Laundry is enemy number one around here, too. And not the dirty laundry either, the clean stuff. Also…dusting. I hate dusting and avoid it all costs. Only the necessities get dusted regularly around here. TV, things in my bedroom, and coffee tables and stuff. Blinds? I think I did those in May. Ugh. It is prolly time to do those again, huh.The garage is our family secret-no one goes in there. Since we cleaned the garage a while back a lot of the stuff that needs to go to the dump is now on the side of the house. It was especially embarrassing when the cable guy needed to go back there yesterday. Ugh. I should make the hubs remedy that this weekend, huh! Sorry this comment is so long. Is it evident yet that I have lots of hated things on my housekeeping list????


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