Can’t believe Shannon’s husband didn’t come up with this first

By Lisa

So today is a beautiful day. It’s 80 degrees, not a cloud in the sky, and not even a slight breeze. I decide let’s go for a picnic. We head out to one of our favorite parks on the river. It has nice big grass areas, some picnic tables, a park, and of course the river. It’s a very nice and relaxing place. Jaida and I are just about finished with our lunch when a guy on a skateboard comes over and decides to take our garbage can (you know those big 3 foot tall giant green garbage cans!) and moves it to the center of the grass. Jaida and I look at each other wondering what we are supposed to do with our garbage now. He positions it just so, hops on his skateboard and skates towards another one. This time he has to move this garbage can further so he picks it up puts it on his skate board and hops on the back. He has a longboard so there is just enough room for the two of them. He gets to the other end of the grass and positions the second garbage can. I observe his friend carry 2 30 packs of beer to a near by tree. Man these guys are wanting to have some fun. They grab a softball and start playing. What you might ask? Well have you ever heard of the drinking game quarters? Two people sit across the room from each other each with a glass of beer in front of them. Each person tosses quarters until one lands it in the other persons glass. If the quarter makes it in the cup u drink a beer, if it just hits the rim you take a sip. Well this is just a larger version! They threw the softball back and forth aiming toward the trash cans, and when it made it in the other person drank! Slowly more and more people started to show up each carrying another case of beer. Jaida and I finished our food and headed to the park, at that point there were maybe 5 people. This was there beer supply at that time.

I guess they usually do 5 on 5, so by the time all 10 people show up there will be quite a lot of beer. So take note Shannon, next time you are at the park with Rob make sure you keep an eye on the trash cans. Now that I am thinking about it he could probably do this in your back yard or at the beach. I’m sure this will be his new favorite game!

4 thoughts on “Can’t believe Shannon’s husband didn’t come up with this first

  1. Good times. Seems like it would be easier than quarters though. Baseballs tend to go where you want them to go. Quarters don\’t always do that. They were probably all hammered by the end of that game.


  2. she is going to kill you for even giving him the idea haha! Aren\’t you glad you had a little girl…Shannon has two boys to look forward to raising and look at what boys do when they get older haha!! But we all know she wouldn\’t trade those boys for anything 🙂


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