Accept it and move on with it

Dear Shannon,
Just because you lost a lot of weight, doesn’t mean you should have tried wearing the thong underwear hiding in the back of your drawer again. That little string in the back still crams as far up your ass as it did when you were skinny. Suck it up, buy stock in granny panties and move on baby! Go ahead and retire your last remaining thong, it was feeling anorexic next to your granny panties anyway!

Love always,
Your ass!

9 thoughts on “Accept it and move on with it

  1. hahaha …mine have been retired for years. I think we were supposed to feel sexy while wearing those things, I only felt like I had a wedgie I couldn\’t pick. I saved all my nice VS ones to look at when I\’m 90.


  2. I will never retire the thong. My hubby loves it too much. And if I buy the really soft cotton ones only they are actually really quite nice.


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