Whats all this talk about a reveal?

A LOT of people have been asking me about my big weight loss reveal. I’m all, uhhh, whu? I’m supposed to do a reveal? Hmmm. So! I’m about five pounds away from my original goal, (I am 156 goal is 150). My next goal is simply 145, however I think I need to get to 143 to fit into those jeans I tried on this weekend. First I want to say, I’m not done, we will call this a mini reveal. I’ll do another reveal when I reach my final goal, and you know, I have a tan and style my hair and stuff.

A few mini goals I have reached though. I can cross my legs, rather then just resting my ankle on my knee. Fat people can not cross their legs. I can wear a belt, as shown below. And I don’t mean I couldn’t before, I mean I can now wear a belt as an accessory and not have my shirt yanked down over it to hide my waist. I can buy jeans in almost any store (fucking Abercrombie and their rule about not going over size 10). I can wear some cute tops with out looking pregnant. I can run for 15 minutes on a treadmill which totals about 1.5 miles. This is a vast improvement from the 1/10th of a mile I used to be able to run. I can also run with out feeling like I smoked 15 packs of cigarettes in 4 minutes. These are some of my small achievements. I have more that I hope to reach. I want to feel good in a bathing suit, and not like, oh she looks good for having two kids, but just, OH SHE LOOKS GOOD. I want to wear the jeans I wore the night I met my husband. I want to be able to buy this one certain pair of Luckys (they stop one size below mine, how odd that Lucky only sells some jeans in 32 and some in 33.) Anyway, here you go.

December 2007 weighing 195 lbs

One hour ago, weighing 156.6

22 thoughts on “Whats all this talk about a reveal?

  1. Damn you look wonderful and that blue is o your color. See-you will be that hot mama but I always thought you looked so good anyway. But now hottie mama coming through. Make way!!


  2. Wow! You look great! I lost 60 pounds 2 years ago, but I\’ve gained back 5 over the past year, so working to lose that! Keep up the great work! You look awesome! BTW- Love the shoes in the 2nd pic!


  3. Looking fabulous!!! I showed Dave the picture and he said wow that\’s quite a difference and that you looked really good! I\’m so very proud of you!


  4. You look AMAZING and a kinda hate you a little. I\’m just jealous. Must go back through archives and piece together EXACTLY how you do it.


  5. Shan, you look so amazing! The thing that makes me the most happy is when you describe the WAY you feel and your fmailies improved health! Congrats!!!


  6. you. look. amazing.Whatever you did, I need to do that… unless it includes not eating yummy yummy foods or working out or something. Cuz I\’m soooooooo not into that right now. :)Congratulations!!!


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