9 thoughts on “Ahem, Can I please have a moist towelette?

  1. \”Chocolate or poop? CHOCOLATE OR POOP?!? …Chocolate.\”Well, ok then. Maybe not girls night out, but what about not eating a $24 bad of organic dehydrated fruit and treating yourself to a pedicure? I just know sometimes it\’s so helpful to take even a tiny slice of time for yourself when you have little ones and to even get lost in town somewhere, walking around for a little while thinking adult thoughts and doing adult things. Give yourself the freedom to do something that is ONLY FOR YOU.


  2. I would totally give you a pedi while you whip out your boobs. Done. Does that come off as a joke, like it should? Or do I sound like a total freak… Joke or Freak? JOKE OR FREAK?!? Joke.Phew. Clearly, we should email. People are going to be so confused.


  3. LOL! OMG what a good idea to feed him SANS SHIRT! We have had SO MANY SHIRTS COVERED in sweet potatoes lately. Even when we put a bib on. It\’s a mess!


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