Notes of importance

Note one: Today while running through the sprinklers with Brandon, I had to stop and ask myself if that slapping sound was my thighs or my flip flops. I consoled myself with fresh cookies and pizza.

Note two: While visiting a friend who had just bought a new water slide complete with a spray gun apparatus, my son got frustrated when the other kids wouldn’t share. His remedy to this was to drop his drawers, grab his entire package (berries and all) and AIM at the kids with his, “squirt gun,” while yelling I squirt you I squirt you and shooting pee all over the kids and the slide. I was mortified, the other two adults there just laughed at it. PEE! HE PEED ON KIDS! WHILE SHOUTING HE WOULD SQUIRT THEM! WHILE HOLDING HIS STUFF AND THRUSTING HIS HIPS OUT AS FAR AS POSSIBLE TO GET THE MOST OUT OF HIS AIM!

6 thoughts on “Notes of importance

  1. OMG! OMG! OMG!hysterical….you know, when you\’re not the MOM of the kiddo. when it\’s your own kid, I\’m sure you go into \”disbelief\” & \”panic\” mode!maybe those kids will share a bit more in the future.


  2. Oh wow…while you are mortified, reading this I am dying laughing! Like hysterically laughing right now as I picture Brandon with his gun of power aiming at these kids for not sharing! That will teach them…I bet from now on they share with him!!


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