Burger time

Feeling like a big ass burger check it out here.

Also someone inquired about my salmon the other day, you can find that here.

I was just making my husband some breakfast quesidillas (dammit meant to take a picture of those) and while shredding the cheese I may have shredded my hand. So I turned the grater over and there was a piece of my skin just chilling on it. I picked it up and dangled it in front of Rob. He was less then impressed. But don’t worry, I think I got all the skin out before I wrapped it up to send to work with him.

We ran through the sprinklers this weekend and I ended up with some nice color on my shoulders and chest, aside from the part of my chest that has a chin shaped white mark on it. I’M HAWT! The annoying part is my legs are still bright white. BRIGHT WHITE PEOPLE, and I was in the sun for over 4 hours. We ran through the sprinklers till my grass turned more into mud and then I think he was having more fun squashing the mud then playing in the sprinklers.

My mom planted me a cute little garden with some veggies and stuff. I had a tiny 1 inch bell pepper growing. Brandon saw it and declared, “yum green vegtamable,” picked it off and ate it. HE ATE MY BABY BELL PEPPER! Then spit it out and said, “thats not belicious.” I was devastated to see my little pepper go. Shit head.

Codi is starting to pull up on everything. His favorite is to crawl over to my purse, or Brandons little couch and stand up on it. Only problem is, on the little couch he stands up then reaches over the back to grab something and falls feet over head on the hard wood. Then he screams, gets up and goes back and does it again. Scares the ever loving shit out of me because his neck bends back in a way that I thought only gumby could do. He had his 6 month doctors appointment yesterday. Here are the stats:
16.1 lbs 25% for weight
25″ high, 10% for height
44.5 cm head 75% head.

Awesome so, we have a short chubbermuffin who will be a genius. Sounds oddly familiar, cuz it sounds like ME! The doctor gave me a list of things Codi should do between 6-9 months (I’m scanning it later to put it on here as a great way to remember this shit with out four gazillion pieces of paper). He can do all but three out of about 25 or more things. He doesn’t eat solids, he doesn’t sleep through the night, and he isn’t quite picking stuff up using only his pointer finger and thumb. The doctor was shocked that he had already accomplished all his 9 month tasks. He actually sat up alone the entire visit just chewing on my keys. The doctor just kept looking at him like, “uh dude are you going to fall”. He said to expect him to start pulling up towards nine months and I had to tell him how Codi already pulls himself up and then launches himself off things. Last night he was trying to climb steps. All in all it was an excellent appointment. He said not to worry about solids, we can do those when Codi is ready for it, and obviously the breast milk diet isn’t making him thin or anything.

I asked him about Brandons teeth. His recommendation was that unless there are cavaties in the molars then don’t knock him out. He said front ons can often be ground out or left alone all together.

In other news. Last night I was out grilling some burgers. My husband walked out to do something and almost stepped in a giant pile of green poop. Seems Brandon was outside going pee off my porch (he likes to pee off the porch cuz it’s more fun and he can aim farther) when he decided he had to poop. So instead of running to the toilet, he just squatted down and took a giant green turd on my porch. Then he pulled up his pants and went about his business. Rob was totally not impressed. I had to put a plate in front of my face to hide the laughter and then run away in a fit of giggles. If your wondering why his poop was green, it was from all the blue otterpops he ate the last two days. Took me some time to figure that one out too! I’ll save you the part about how he also pooped on his shoe, and how he had tracks in his shorts after that from not wiping.

Seriously, I just don’t understand how some people could not want kids huh.

4 thoughts on “Burger time

  1. the poop is funny.Gage once took off his own diaper & pooped in the hallway. it was sooooo yucky!the burger looks yummy, and the story about shredding your hand…OUCH!poor baby bell pepper.:(


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