I’m mad…over something stupid

I’m mad. It is 7:50 in the morning. My mom is going to be late to work today. DO YOU KNOW WHY? Because she is driving clear up the Mt. Rose Highway for no good reason other then to buy me some ramen.

Yes. You read right.


Did you know that in all of Reno only one store carries vegetarian ramen? Nissin is the only brand that makes a ramen with out meat stock. Their oriental. However, even though every store in Reno stocks the chicken, beef, pork, shrimp, spicy chicken, creamy chicken, and so on, of the Nissin brand, for some reason they choose not to have Oriental. I assume it is because they also all carry the Maruchan brand, and in that brand they carry Oriental. Problem is, the Maruchan oriental ramen has BEEF EXTRACT.

And guess what?

I can taste it!

I’ve written about this before, but I want to again. I am so frustrated by the lack of vegetarian options. There is never a vegetarian soup option on the menu at restaurants. There is rarely a good cheese selection at sandwich shops. Most pastas, rices and risottos are made with stock, and most salads are now topped with bacon.

And fine. If you want to do that fine. I won’t eat at your restaurant. I no longer eat McDonalds because they put beef flavoring in their fries AND hashbrowns. But what really really bugs me, is wait staff who don’t fucking have a clue.

Me: Does the Parmesan risotto have meat in it?

Waitperson: No

Me: Can you please check (I don’t do this to be a pain I do it as a test of ignorance on their part)

Waitperson: I’ll check but I’m pretty sure it doesn’t

Waitperson: I asked the chef and it only has chicken stock in it

Me: Yeah thats meat, thanks I’ll just have a plain salad and some crackers.

It bugs me. It bothers me how a person can work in a restaurant and sell food and not know what the fuck they were selling. Don’t try and fool me. Respect your customer and tell them the truth. Do you think I won’t be able to taste the chicken, beef, or bacon in my meal? I don’t like meat, thats why I don’t eat it. It taste funny, looks funny, and smells funny. Kinda like dog shit. Are you going to tell me you wouldn’t be able to taste and smell some dog shit in your rice? Ha. I’m sure you have all been trained so well to think that dog shit is a fucking delicacy. You know what? I have a good palate I know what is in my food. Dammit I should be on Hells Kitchen, I would kill that competition every time.

Do you watch that show? How about the episode where all those amazing chefs couldn’t tell every fucking meal was made out of soy based meat product with NO MEAT! Are you serious? Is that what our world has come to? You tell us it’s beef and we believe it’s beef. YOU are the reason those people in Mexico selling cat on a stick and calling it chicken are still in business.

This weekend my dad and I were joking about the squirrels in my back yard. He was hungry and said he would eat some squirrel. I said, “I heard it taste like chicken”. He replied, “No, chicken taste like chicken, squirrel taste like squirrel.”

I wanted to kiss him right there because dammit, I’m so sick of hearing that shit taste like chicken!

And. While I’m bitching and moaning here, if I come in your restaurant and I order a fucking vegetarian taco, and you throw my tortilla on the grill you grill the chicken on YOU HAVE JUST RUINED MY ENTIRE MEAL! You fucking idiot, do you not think the tortilla doesn’t now taste like nasty raunchy chicken? I’ve had to walk away from so many meals because something was messed up like that. It’s just ignorance in the world of cooking. Pure stupidity, and also, it is just plain rude. Places like Tin Star grill, who prided themselves in having a vast vegetarian menu with tons of options, mushrooms, two kinds of beans, sautéed vegetables and so on, then they slapped my tortilla on the chicken grill.

I have one statement to make. I realize all cities aren’t as fucking stupid as mine. I know places in Oregon and Washington offer real vegetarian food. Shit, they offer real cooked food from scratch (whole other rant). So yes, I realize not everyone has my gripe. I know some of you live in towns where people pride themselves on their food. I don’t. I live in a town whose famous food is “the buffet.” New York has pizza, Maine has lobster, Reno has buffet. We are a speedy, slap happy, poor quality kind of town and I hate it. I’m sick of it.

I would love to write a letter to my local editor asking our restaurant owners to wake up and make some good food, but, I’m not even sure the people in this town slow down long enough to read a paper.

Dammit, I just want some good food, that I don’t always have to cook myself, is that to much to ask?

11 thoughts on “I’m mad…over something stupid

  1. hmm wow..remind me never to get into a food conversation with you!I\’ll admit…Im clueless about vegetarian options!I think you should write a letter to the editor and send copies to all your favorite restaurants!H


  2. AMEN! My sister is a vegetarian, and when she comes to visit our restaurant options are really limited for those same reasons…As for the Ramen…have you looked to see if you can order it from Amazon or other online grocery places?


  3. holy shit woman! I think you should write the editor…. I know RGJ is always doing articles about our local places… maybe he\’d care to help you out…


  4. I encounter the same problems. When we first moved to Jersey, we started eating at this little Italian place. We asked if there pasta had any egg in it, and we were told that it didn\’t.When we discovered that Izzy had food allergies, I asked again just to be sure. AND THEIR PASTA HAS EGG IN IT! I was sooooooo pissed.


  5. The waitress probably didn\’t know…and told you the truth that she didn\’t know, and went to check for you..why are you getting bitchy about her?I understand that their aren\’t many vegetarian options but should there be? 2 percent of Americans are vegetarians..so why should all restaurants change their whole menu for you?There are bigger things going on in the world today then what kind of ramen you \’need\’ to buy. Hope you paid your mom some gas money.


  6. Anon: Like I said, I feel a waitperson should know what they are serving. Only 3% of America has a house with a person who has a peanut allergy. I happen to be one of those also. Do you know how many times I\’ve asked if something was fried in peanut oil only to be told NO. Then upon having the waitress ask, find that yes their food really is fried in peanut oil. Or that the salad has peanut oil in the dressing. I am sorry but waitstaff should know what they are serving. My son can die from nut allergies 3 times in the last year someone has told me a food didn\’t contain peanut when it did. So, maybe my chicken stock case isn\’t as extreme but no matter what, that waitress was an idiot and you should know what you are serving! Because some day if and when you have kids, and some restaurant didn\’t conform to you just because your a lowly 3% whose kid has a peanut allergy, just remember there are bigger things in the world then having competent wait staff!No to mention there are tons of very prevalent allergies common in children right now, soy, milk, eggs, shellfish. If I can\’t trust my waitress to know that there isn\’t stock in my food, how can I trust her to know there isn\’t soy in my sons dinner?This blog was simply about my ramen and my vegetarianism, but wait staff being ignorant is a much deeper issue for me.


  7. See and I thought you had it easy because you can ask for foods without meat but I never thought of the underlying contact or preparation with meat based ingredients. I think you should write a letter to the news editor and if you think your local paper won\’t find it a concern send it to a national paper like USA Today. I think its a valid issue.


  8. wow uh…like we don\’t have that problem here. We have a few restaurants that serve ONLY vegan options and most especially locally owned restuarants have vego options and for the meat eaters they have grass fed, free range, hormone free, cage free meat options. Humboldt County is like that. The only time I really run into this problems is when I eat at big chain places like Applebees. Dude did you know 90 second rice has beef extract in it? It is one of the vegetarian flavors too, I can\’t remember which one. You probably did, knowing you.;-) and why did you have to tell me about the french fries?


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