It is that time of year again!

Throughout my journey of weight loss I have set mini goals. I found this helpful since weight loss can be sooo overwhelming. When I set out to start this I had to make major mind changes. One of them being that I had to learn weight loss was going to be slow this time around, and, I had to have realistic expectations. So I set up a series of goals. The first set of goals were 10 pound goals. I wanted to lose ten pounds and then start over. Losing 30-50 pounds just made my goal seem so inaccessible. Then I made other goals. I wanted to fit into old jeans in my storage. I wanted to be able to cross my legs the right way, not resting my ankle on my knee.

Then I made other goals. If I reach 170 I get a hair cut or something. My most recent goal was that if I reached 150 I would buy new clothes. I’m currently at 153. However, it is hot as fuck here in Reno, and getting hotter so I made the executive decision to adjust my goal and say I could buy new clothes when I lost 40 lbs instead!

So I bought a bunch of great clothes. Can you believe I got dresses and khakis at Aeropostal for $4.99 each! I love a deal right now since I intend to keep losing weight. My husband and I went on a 4 mile walk today then I took the boys to the park and did some marathon shopping. Needless to say I was due for a shower. I was in the shower and I was mentally laying out all of our clothes for the next day when I realized, it’s that time of year again. You know what I mean. That time of year when you start wearing shorts meaning, you have to start shaving your whole leg and not just below the leg.

Damn! I hate full leg shaving season. However, then I started thinking and realized that FUCK it is probably almost bikini line shaving season. People, I can handle shaving my jiggly thighs, but I am sooo not ready for lawn maintenance!

How do you know when it is summer?

6 thoughts on “It is that time of year again!

  1. You could always join those of us who refuse to wear shorts and bathing suits and instead manage just fine with skirts and dresses and \”no thank you, I\’ll just watch you swim from over here.\”


  2. Oh gob. I am still just shaving the bottom half of my legs. But it\’s still only in the 60\’s here in P-town. UGH.Maybe if I shave my legs the sun will come out?


  3. It\’s hot as fuck here, too! We started summer in March though. As soon as it hit 70 degrees outside I let the kids get in the pool.I know it is summer when I start getting highly irrational. (More irrational than normal)….


  4. Sunburn. Every year, I let it happen. I can\’t explain it.Not that I have anything to worry about, yesterday in Washington it was in the forties.


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