I’m to far out of the game

A friend of mine recently asked me,
“So at what point did you ask Rob what you guys where, and how did you approach it?”

I answered but now I wonder if things are still the same all these years later. So ladies. What is the proper etiquette for “asking where things are going?” When do you move from just seeing each other to boyfriend girlfriend? Do people still even call it boyfriend girlfriend? Help me out here. I feel so clueless and unhip when I get asked shit like this.

9 thoughts on “I’m to far out of the game

  1. I have been married for so long that I am equally clueless, if not more so. My hubs and I were hanging out so much in the beginning that it was just kinda assumed that he was my boyfriend. I am not even sure we really talked about it. Then one day we magically woke up married (not really, but you know)…


  2. Hi mommy!!! Are we broken up? 😦 Ok, I am IN LOVE….Ready to get married…. just waitin\’ on the ring! 🙂 He\’s love!! sigh… hehehe…Ok, Are you seriously reading \”She\’s Come Undone\”? It is the BEST book! Sad, but awesome!


  3. It took me like a year of PRETENDING I just wanted to be bed buddies with Erick to FINALLY be like \”I WANT TO BE WITH YOU!\” and even THEN it took like another 3 months for him to agree to be exclusive.I think the best thing to do is tell the other person what YOU would like and if they don\’t want the same things then that tells you something, right?


  4. I\’ve got an even better question: why are women always worried about where things are going? Why do wome need constant validation?


  5. No comment on the boyfriend/girlfriend thing, but I just noticed what you\’re reading (She\’s come undone by Wally Lamb) and I have to say I loved that book when I read it, and hope you enjoy the crap out of it!


  6. Geez was Jen telling my story or hers! That\’s exactly what Dave and I spent a year doing. Clearly he\’s not a fan of labels but we changed that huh!


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