In which I get myself in big trouble

Last night I had a date to go see Stephanie. We planned to go for a quick walk and what not. I was running late because I had to do something for my husband. In the end I just took his car. His freshly washed and detailed car. I text Steph asking if she wants some coffee and she says yes.

This is where it all goes down hill. See there is a Starbucks right down the street from both our houses. But, it isn’t a drive through. Codi was super mad last night so I didn’t feel like dragging him into the coffee shop then trying to carry his car seat and two coffees out. I decide I’ll just drive one more street away to the drive through Starbucks. I grab the coffees and head down that street towards her street. At this point I have no clue if the street I’m on actually goes to her house so I jokingly text her,

“I’ll be there as soon as I get unlost”

I wasn’t really lost because I know this area like the back of my hand. So I keep driving. All of these roads are stupid long so I’m driving along listening to a good song when I get this message,

“Where are you lost?”

I reply,

“I’m at a dead end”

Seems they are still doing construction so they haven’t made the road I was on connect to her road yet. At this point I’m sitting there staring at a dirt road. A road that I know leads to her house. BUT! I’m in my husbands freshly washed detailed car. You know his BLACK CAR! So I’m sitting there having a conversation in my head and it goes like this, “Shannon don’t drive on that dirt, you will get in trouble. Big trouble. Rob will be soooo mad if you get his just washed car dirty. ” But then as I’m saying these thing I look down and realize my feet apparently got a mind of their own and with out even realizing it I’m driving on a dirt road.


So. I keep driving. Only I miss the road that connects to her house and end up about 5 MILES AWAY on a whole new road. I call her and tell her and shes just laughing her ass off. I finally make it to her house with cold coffee and a pissed off kid. I showed her the dirty vehicle and we were like okay it’s cool it is early enough that after the walk you can just run to the drive through car wash and never get caught.

We set of on our quick walk. An hour and a half and 3 miles later we made it back. It was really fun and we talked and talked and talked. The best part was when we started comparing notches in the wall, and crazy shit we did in high school. We were totally one upping each other with cheating escapades. I don’t remember exactly but I think I won that one. We continued chatting and I went inside to hang out with her and Eli. He had cooked some tacos and if I ate meat I would have eaten the whole pan because it smelled great. I finally fed Codi and even asked for some water. In fact, I took my shoes off put my feet up on the couch and relaxed.

This meant though that by the time I left it was way to late to rewash the husbands car so I had no choice but to go park it and wait to get in trouble.

I’m getting better people. I think something changed in me when I went to Oregon, and I sat down on the floor with Jen and drank water out of regular glasses at restaurants and went walking after dark. I’m slowly getting better. A huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders financially, and personally things are getting better. My friends read my blog and they all saw what I was saying and reached out. Ginger knew I wanted to spend time hiking and seeing the side of my down I forgot about. So she took me hiking, and has agreed to go eat at some fun little places with me. Katie read my post whining about lack of fresh food here in Reno and promptly took me to our Saturday market. It was amazing and I loved it and got some of the best food I’ve had in years. Stephanie saw that I was still unhappy with my weight and said she would go walking with me after work, late at night when everyone else is settling down for the day.

My husband has probably helped the most. He’s been walking with me after work, going on hikes, letting me try brave new things in the kitchen and just being extra supportive of me. While I was hiking with ginger and shopping with Katie and smelling the pine trees and seeing the abundance of food I was reminded of why I love this town. Next weekend I’ve got my mom convinced to go to Tahoe with me. I can’t wait. I miss Lake Tahoe so much. I haven’t gone much because it is cold, or I was pregnant, or I had fears of taking my baby to a lake. With water. Where he could drown. But now I’m okay. I want my kids to grow up like me, appreciating our town. I can’t wait for Tahoe. I’m already mentally packing a picnic in my head, and lamenting about the sunburn I will get.

I’m glad I had this blog. I think if I had never been brave enough to reach out on this blog and talk about everything, the people in my life would have never known I needed help. Now, I’m surrounded by crazy love, and having a great time, and in the end, I feel like I owe it soley to this blog.

Some day, when I post about the other huge changes in my life, I’ll tell you how my parents have played one of the largest rolls of all in saving me. But, I’ve given you enough to read for one day.

Just know I’m getting better, and sillier, so expect a lot of retarded Shannon is an idiot posts to come!

15 thoughts on “In which I get myself in big trouble

  1. Is Rob just figuring out why is car is so damn dirty as he reads this post? Or did you suffer the wrath when he noticed? Sounds like you are surrounded by great people who love you!


  2. That is rad. I am glad things are going so great for you right now. You totally deserve it.P.S. I am sooo jealous about Tahoe. I want to gooo!!


  3. Seriously, almost peed my pants laughing about the lost part. I had a fun time. And I didn\’t even think about flip flop feet on the couch. There are two kids on them all the time silly.


  4. Sounds like you had a great time!! Tahoe sounds like it\’s going to be so much fun…can\’t wait to see all your pictures from up there! So is Rob speaking to you today haha!


  5. O my Shannon I seen his car tonight after work and I knew he had just washed it. I felt bad cause he has to drive on the dirt road to get to the shop. Funny it looked like maybe he had hit a mud puddle. Really I don\’t know what was worse how dirty his car was or looking at Brandon\’s new bad hair cut. And have I told you lately I love you LOTS. You to Rob


  6. I just have to say, you are so luck to have such good friends!! It\’s really good to hear that you are getting out and doing things.. it really helps! Enjoy Tahoe when you go, there is just something so nice and relaxing about that lake.


  7. I\’m glad you and Stephanie has a nice time together. I\’m glad things are better and everyone is showing you how loved you are. It\’s really all the little things people do for us that make the world of difference. I wish I lived closer to do the same!


  8. Good for you! I\’m looking forward to Tahoe, too! We\’ll be there around the fourth of July.I practically raised my girls on that lake during the summer when it would be so hot in Reno. We would spend the day at the lake and head down around time to start dinner. Take your boys as much as you can. I love Sand Harbor (in the little cove on the right hand side as you drive into the parking lot.)


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