Shannon on skinny jeans

Most people look at skinny jeans and think fashion. And, while I do think they are the ugliest fashion choice a person can make, that is never what I actually think when I see them. Aside from looking absofuckinglutly ridiculous, all I ever think is..
Fuck, that must really hard on whatever guy is trying to have sex with her! I mean, at what point does the guy say, “fuck this I’m not horny enough to keep trying to tugg these fuckers off!”

I mean really, just look at them. Tell me stopping to peel your jeans off you wouldn’t be a total mood killer!

Yes, I see jeans and I think sex, whatever, isn’t that normal? Don’t we all think about sex every 3.7 seconds or something?

9 thoughts on “Shannon on skinny jeans

  1. um \”skinny jeans\” are just a trendy word for tapered leg which is exactly the sort of thing that my husband and I have been trying to get my MIL out of for years. they may have made a comeback in some places, but not in this house.


  2. I remember wearing those in the very late 80\’s/early 90\’s (yes I was 12) and really, they are the hardest pants to get over your heels…so ugggggly, too.


  3. I don\’t know about the guy, but it is a definite turn off to me when my jeans won\’t just slid right off. Ugh. Talk about the quickest way to feel fat!


  4. I would also hate them if I wasn\’t 5\’7\” and didn\’t have skinny legs and a tiny waist. Luckily, I am both of those things and look amazing in them and own more than one pair. But I see your point, if I couldn\’t fit my ass into a pair of skinny Italian or American made jeans, I\’d probably claim to think they are ugly, too.


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