Yeah, I’m that mom

I’m that mom who woke up to pack her sons very first ever school lunch.
It was being packed, because he was having his first ever field trip, on only his second day of pre-school. They were taking a trip to the planetarium to see the stars.
I’m the mom, who thinks, hey, his first lunch, on a trip to see stars, well then this obviously makes sense!
And he ate every bite!

10 thoughts on “Yeah, I’m that mom

  1. FYI – there\’s a preschool program on Mondays at 9 and 1030 am all summer at the planetarium. And I can tell you that there will be openings tomorrow morning for the one on July 21st, as I can\’t make it with my charge and I need to call and cancel… ! (oh, and hi, I\’m delurking!!)


  2. Yeah, you\’re that mom that Brandon is going to brag about at school and all the other kids are going to be jealous of his lunch because he has a star sammy!! Love it!!


  3. I\’m so mad I missed him walking in!!! Stupid work keeping me working when I had personal business to do. Ugh, at least we knew he was ok and sitting by the teacher. Damn-it. Next time I will plan better.


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