Pre-schools not so bad

My son has learned some cute stuff. Some of them being, a distorted version of the ABC song, how to glue marshmallows to paper and, how to eat more then macaroni and cheese.


My favorite thing he has learned so far…..

“MOM!! You my best friend”

I’m sorry I can’t type anymore as I’ve just died from joy overload.

Then we went out and looked at his vegetables and they were big so he said;
“Look my begtables big, HOLY MOLY COW THEY BIG BEGTABLES!”


9 thoughts on “Pre-schools not so bad

  1. Gage has been calling me his best friend too.I love it.And, the other day, he put on his backpack & told me that he\’s going to school when he\’s \”TREE\”.You know, 3.


  2. I am so glad that this week is better than last week. I so enjoy watching him throughout the day. You being his best friend has to be the best feeling ever.


  3. You have to write that down (oh wait you did) because that is the stuff you will want to talk about forever. I still die whenever I hear a kid say Yook (instead of look), my niece said that when she was young. God how I miss that sweet voice and innocent words.


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