What will forever be referred to as THE BEST DAY EVER

For months I’ve been counting down. No, scratch that, over a year. Then it got closer and closer and I counted the days, then hours and then minutes until it happened.

What was it? It was an opening? A big big opening!

A died and gone to heaven fuck my diet for a day kind of opening.

OOOOO It’s like porn for a food fanatic. My mom, cousin, office mate and I scheduled a lunch date around it. I nervously watched the minutes tick down on the clock. Suddenly it was time. I walked to my car totally nonchalant but inside I was shouting IT’S TIME OH GLORIOUS FOOD GODS IT IS TIME I GO TO MY MECCA!

We arrived and the front of the store drew me in with its California looking exterior and free food tasters out front. Upon entering I was bombarded with tasters. TASTERS a girls favorite thing. Fuck your Prada give me tasters! And then, suddenly, it was chaos! We were running around tasting and oooooing and ahhing and getting lost and wrecking into other people.


I felt like I was in some sort of fun house. Every isle got better and better but then. Then
I stumbled into this!!!!!!!!!!!! The bakery. There was shelves and shelves and shelves of ooh gooey chocolate goodness! I didn’t even know what to do with myself. I started running in circles and wringing my hands and at one point I thought I might need to sit down and have a drink! Right when I thought things couldn’t get better, they did.

Suddenly there were trays of bread circling under my nose and platters of cinnamon thingies being placed in my hands, and bread with artichoke something or other finding its way in my mouth. I wondered how many times I could sneak back for seconds, thirds, twentieths before they realized what I was doing. We stocked up on freebies. Tons and tons of freebies. Cliff bars, milks, vitamins and so on.

Finally I noticed the salad bar, soup, ethnic, taco, holy mother fucker there is so much food buffet and it was as if I had just had the biggest food orgasm ever. I filled two boxes and two tubs of soup and topped it off with fresh baked bread. We waited in line and checked out and I went back to work dreaming of the next time I could go back and visit again. The awesome thing is, it is only two miles away from where I live so I can walk there. They also host a cooking school and I can’t wait to sign up for classes. All of my food was delicious.

My actual favorite part of all, is that they had an amazing selection of kids foods. Tons and tons of stuff for my boys. Codi got some tasty teething cookies, and Brandon’s head is literally going to blow up when he sees that I found macaroni that is shaped like bugs and worms! He is always calling elbow macaroni or spaghetti worm noodles. Other pasta, like shells, are circle noodles. I can’t wait to see his face tonight when he sees noodle that look like real worms, and catapillars and bugs!

I have a date set up with Katie on Saturday to go back. But, if anyone wants to make a date for the rest of the days this week just let me know. I see no problems sampling more delicious fresh breads!

11 thoughts on “What will forever be referred to as THE BEST DAY EVER

  1. The Whole Foods bakery is like a mecca of awesomeness. I like to go there on my way to book club to pick up treats… cheesecake… but most of all those delicious fruit tarts. Mouth…. watering…


  2. have you ever been to a Nugget here in N. CA? I think it\’s like a Whole Foods…. and so, I am thinking they are, and it\’s freaking FABULOUS!!! Love it, love it…. so, I will hit that up when I come in for a visit next month!!!


  3. OMG, those baked goods look gorgeous! Reminds me of Dean & DeLuca in NYC. We have had a Whole Foods about 20 min. from my house but a new one is going up only 10 minutes away…Yay!


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