How to start your morning

There is nothing like groggily reaching up to scratch your face in the middle of the night only to yelp out in pain once you realized you just scratched a HUGE pimple that wasn’t there the night before. What makes it worse? It was in that spot right below your nose but above your lip. OUCH MOTHER FUCKER!

However, this would have been fine anyone else would have went back to sleep, but, since you know my history with picking, and poking zits I just had to jump out of bed to inspect the new zit and then promptly smoosh it!

Not such a good way to start they day.

7 thoughts on “How to start your morning

  1. Uggg, I have one of those deep zits that you can\’t pop, I\’ve had it for like 2 weeks and it is driving me crazy! I just sit at work and push on it!


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