Mental overload

I’ve only had access to my new house for two days and already I’m on a mental over load. The honest part is, that since I usually have a small baby strapped to me I’m not doing much physical labor but nonetheless my mind is in a constant state of WHAT THE FUCK! Don’t worry I spent my day yesterday cleaning up my own share of puke and poop on my own home front…SEE THAT PEOPLE I CLEANED IT!!!!!!!! Sigh. How on earth people just allow stuff like that to sit int heir home and rot is beyond me. I can’t get the smell out of my nose. I’m starting to wonder if I can just shove some soap up there and call it good.

My only comfort and solace has been my SHINY NEW WHOLE FOODS STORE! I’ve been stocking up on good produce and trying to cook as much as possible to make me feel a little better about this whole situation. You know, in my head it sounds like this, ha, my house is clean and I cook, take that fuckers! Anyway I picked up some fresh heirloom tomatoes this week at Whole Foods and replicated the recipe I tried on opening day only I added in some avocado because I was feeling like I needed some fat!It turned out great and the fresh basil really made me feel clean and happy even if it was only for a second. I posted the recipe here.

Yesterday I spent the day in Tahoe on the beach and today I’m sporting skin in a nice shade of RED! Codi thought the dirt tasted great and nothing I did seemed to deter him from shoveling in fistfuls of sand at lightening speed. At one point I tried rinsing his mouth out and he pitched such a fit I finally gave up and left him sitting in a pile of sand happily cramming it into his milk hole. He still has dirt in his ears! Brandon got mad when we left and spent the rest of the day telling me he “just wanted to go back to the beach mom!” The water was warm and refreshing, I was a little sad at how low it was this year though. Friday morning we are leaving to go back to Tahoe until Sunday so I will be MIA for a few days taking some much needed beach time. I can’t wait. I was really looking forward to taking Brandon to my favorite little local ice cream and fry shop while we were there but when I drove by I noticed my favorite place is now some high end hoity toity kind of place to eat and my heart sunk a little, no, A LOT! The place was called Joni’s. It was the kind of place that had great burgers, salads and sandwiches, and fresh cut fries served with an extra helping of greasy deliciousness. Ginger and I would always drive to the beach for the day then walk across to Joni’s get our fries and some ice cream and then sit happily in the sand enjoying our food. I feel like it is the final official end of an era. Like my time as a young care free beach going girl are gone and replaced with HOITY TOITY restaurants and rush rush rush!

I decided I’m going to take this time to share one of my favorite memories of Tahoe, and probably one of Gingers least favorite. About the time I turned 16 my friends and I all started driving to Tahoe for the day most Saturdays. One Saturday Ginger and I went, and took our friend Megan. We were hanging out on the beach when (forgive me if my memory of this isn’t 100% accurate) we were approached by a couple HOT guys to buy some acid on sugar cubes. Megan and I said OKAY like smart intelligent young ladies and coughed up the cash. We popped our cubes and waited, and waited and waited. Finally convinced nothing was going to happen we got up and went for a walk. Upon returning to the beach we came to a 2 foot drop down to the beach. Megan fell off, and I spent 5 minutes terrified of the drop (step down) convinced it was more like 20 feet. I believe Ginger had to end up carrying me down the drop off. The next thing we knew our towels were moving and everything was fucking hilarious. I got the brilliant idea to go buy stickers for my truck and put them on. We had a great day and drove home. However, as Ginger tells I spent the entire drive going 14 miles an hour constantly slowing down because I was convinced I was speeding. At one point she opened the back sliding window and put her head outside because she couldn’t handle our giggling anymore. She also tells me there was quite a traffic jam behind me. It seems that since I was convinced I was “speeding” I felt no need to pull over and let cars pass. I guess at some point I also stopped in the middle of the street to retrieve a book I saw laying there that didn’t even belong to me. I spent the rest of the night wide awake on the phone with the guy who would become my boyfriend, with him asking me if I was even going to remember that he had just asked me to be his girlfriend the next day (I didn’t). To this day Ginger still gets mad at me about that. I laughed every single time I looked at my truck though after that because all of my brand new stickers were totally side ways. It seems that what I thought was straight and what was really straight that day were two opposite things. The best part is Ginger knew they were crooked but she was so sick of my ass she just let me go right ahead and do it!

4 thoughts on “Mental overload

  1. That salad look absolutely amazing. I just got another recipe similar to that one at Zupans yesterday only it has blanched asperagus and mazarella cheese.


  2. OK. Let me add a few more details to this story…since you know, I was the only sober one. And while living through the memory was miserable because you guys were totally ridiculous, but in retrospect it is one of the funniest memories I have of you guys! But yeah, still totally annoyed you wouldn\’t let me drive.Fact 1: If my memory serves me right, it was actually Shannon who ALREADY had the acid and somehow convinced Meghan to take it (I still to this day do not know how you convinced her!).Fact 2: The fucking stickers! You spent SOOOOOO much time trying to put them on and I kept telling you they were crooked and you would NOT believe me. And then you were SOOOO PISSED the next day when you saw how crooked they were, you spent like an hour taking them off of your truck.Fact 3: I tried my hardest to get you to hand over the keys to the car but because Meghan didn\’t have her license and I only had my permit you would not hand over the keys. Probably not the smartest thing on my part. But then again since you were only going 10 miles an hour the entire way from Kings Beach to Reno, you couldn\’t do that much damage. I remember at some point I started steering and pushing the gas peddle because I couldn\’t handle going that slow anymore (how do you spell peddle, is that right? that doens\’t look right. I digress…). And you probably don\’t remember, but you guys pulled over right on Hwy 28 and went pee in some poor persons front yard as well, about 5 minutes after we left the beach because you had PEE SO BAD. Like RIGHT OFF the highway, I am pretty sure everyone that drove by saw your white asses trying to pee in this person\’s front lawn. And then the book! You actually stopped dead center in the middle of the highway to pick up that fucking book! You didn\’t even make an attempt to pull over. And I\’m sorry, I thought I told you Joni\’s had closed, I think they closed like 2 years ago, I know they weren\’t open last summer. So sad, that place was awesome!


  3. Wow, I haven\’t giggled so hard in a really long time. I love Ginger\’s comment, which made me giggle even MORE! Oh, to be young again!:)


  4. Ok, I want to know.. does anyone like your parents/inlaws/ cousins, etc read your blog.. just wondering because I have so many insane stories like this I would love to post on my blog but ever since my in-laws found out I had a blog and got an email subscription– ugh.There was this one time in college, my friend and I were dropped some acid (on paper I believe) and suddenly the tortoise her friend had left her to babysit was GONE– it was so funny and crazy– and the really bizarre part is that about 2 months later he showed up in the bathtub (where she had left him to begin with)— These acids stories are so much better when you were actually there, right?oh, good time, good times.(Found your blog on as a featured blog).


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