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I owe you guys a good blog. One of those witty 4th of July family recap blogs or whatever. But, you’re not going to get it this morning. Nope. Too busy. Also. Too sunburned! Ouch! I went bathing suit shopping before all this and settled on a nice respectable one piece. It was strapless which actually covered my boobs more then a v-neck bathing suit with straps. It also left me with one hell of a fucking awesome tan line. Now when I wear any shirt that doesn’t go straight across my boobs you see a little A shaped white area sticking out. It’s super sexy! My whole body is burned. I can’t understand why I totally put my sunscreen on. As soon as I saw I was pinking up and a little tender to the touch you can bet I remembered my sunscreen then. It seems it was to late or some bullshit like that. My arms, chest, legs and ass are all burned. 1/2 of my knees are burned but they each have a 2″ in diameter circle that is BRIGHT WHITE and let me tell you how fucking much that shit boggles me. I’ve got a bunch of photos to upload but everything hurts right now, like this hot ass lap top on my burned up legs.

On that note. Know what really burns me? When you pour your first cup of coffee in the morning and then have to just sit and stare at it waiting for the motherfucker to cool off, all the while cursing your sleepy eyes and wondering just how fucking long its going to be before you can drink it. Seriously why do coffee pots brew so fucking hot? Why can’t they brew a nice room temperature coffee that you can actually drink right away with out adding a burned roof your mouth to your list of burned body parts!

I’ll leave you with this, Codi obviously had a great time this weekend!

4 thoughts on “Insert witty blog here

  1. I\’m sorry you are hurting. Sunburn is the worse! Fresh aloe from a plant if you have any around helps the most. On the bright side I see you found a way to ween Codi off the breast milk! LOL! đŸ˜‰


  2. Ugh, sunburns suck… And it\’s so easy to burn in the high altitude sun… I got a couple of sunburns too even though I try to avoid the sun and I hate it :(Hope you feel better soon.Hehe and Codi likes beer, huh? ;)) Too cute!


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