13 thoughts on “I call it jiggly leg baby

  1. Wow, he must super-baby!Jayla is just working on fully mastering crawling and pulling herself up but she\’s nowhere near being able to walk holding onto something.Amazing job Codi!And he\’s so cute!!!


  2. Ok HOLD ON JUST A MINUTE!!!!! Just when, exactly, did baby Codi decide to become a big boy?? Time is flying by too quickly. He is precious, Shannon!!


  3. He is getting so big!!! I can\’t believe how much he is growing. He\’s so stinking cute too…I just want to pinch his little cheeks!!


  4. You are so right – he does look like he is doing the jig! That has to be the coolest walker ever and maybe he can learn how to help mom with the laundry too!


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