11 thoughts on “Hungry

  1. I know I dont have kids, and this is probably the coolest snack ever for kids…. but what the fuck is that? I\’m thinking ice cream, and I\’m thinking Ima gonna get me some; cause… YUMMY!!!!


  2. I was going to ask \”what is that?\” Then I remembered, he loves cream cheese. Ella does too, she always asks for bagels and pretty much only eats the cream cheese.


  3. If he\’s into cream cheese, you should take him to the bagel stand at longley/mccarran. they have AMAZING bagels and cream cheese! we used to go every time we went to gymboree because the kid would insist it was \”bagel time\” – which translated into \”time for you to buy a bagel with strawberry cream cheese so i can lick it off and demand more.\” good times!


  4. Nevada nanny. I go there allll the time it\’s best cream cheese in Reno. Been bugging owner for ever forceeam cheese recipe. We go in now just to buy tubs of it. You have good taste.


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