What I’m wearing and, the walky walker

I’m totally amused that I’m wearing very expensive Lucky Jeans, with very cheap Payless shoes.

Pay not mind to my fat sausage toes…or the smiley baby under me. Speaking of baby, look who is walking using his pushy mabob

He gets really crazy in his walker. He runs and goes backwards and chases you. He’s loving his little push cart though.

7 thoughts on “What I’m wearing and, the walky walker

  1. Love the jeans they look great on you! I want to go buy a new pair of jeans before my party on Saturday and I want some damn expesive store ones like I have never owned!!And hello it\’s only right to blow your money on your jeans and then go to payless for your shoes! You gotta have balance haha!


  2. Wow, you look sooo great. I am impressed that you managed to lose that much weight while breastfeeding because I find myself constantly hungry… And Codi, I am totally amazed by all the things he can do being only 8 months old!!!!


  3. first of all you look so damn good! and secondly my son, who is a little over a year and a half, loves to push that same thing around. i call it his car. i think its cute that he is still pushing it around after all this time. he RUNS through the house with it. oh and the pictures of codi when he looks straight into the camera melt my heart, every time.


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