• I think I have an ear infection OWWW
  • Brandon started the day by promptly ripping something from his brothers hands
  • He’s now taken about 75 things from him in an hour
  • Last night at Robs softball game I had to run out onto the field and coerce my child to come out of left field because he thought it was funny to run out and mess up the game
  • Brandon just said something and my response was to say, “Please????” His response instead of saying please for what he wanted was to say, “stop yelling to me.”
  • Every morning he gets up to the kitchen table, sits down ready to eat and then promptly jumps up and realizes OH SHIT I HAVE TO PEE! I wonder when he will think to pee first
  • Codi just crawled across the room, pulled up on the TV stand, turned around smiled at me with his tongue out, and promptly made a squirting noise from his butt. The kind of noise that only happens when my husband isn’t home
  • The squirting just turned into a sort of gurgling noise and now I’m am actually afraid.
  • And now I have to end the post because the other one is in the bathroom screaming MOMMY COME WIPE MY BUTT
  • So who do I get first, the one with poop in the toilet or the one with poop in his butt
  • The life choices us mommies have to make huh!

5 thoughts on “Bullets

  1. Yeah, we had company one night and Z was about 3. We hear, \”DADDY COME WIPE MY BUTT!!!\” My husband just looked at our guests and says, \”I was cool once.\” So which did you get to first?! I hope the one in the bathroom! lolol. The joys of motherhood!


  2. I am so glad you are back to blogging about these daily events in your life, they are amazingly amusing. I must say, that\’s a lot of poop. DO you have tons of febreeze in your house?


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