huh, whats that now

* The saddest thing ever = putting the cookie in your mouth, chewing it up and then realizing your out of milk

* I believe there is a huge difference between lies, and things you just don’t tell your mom. The same way that I believe it is totally okay to tell a lie in situations like, “No honey your dad and I never have sex anymore.” Those kinds of lies are juuuust fine

* I’m trying to run around a mountain. So far from my house around the mountain (.74 miles for the mountain) and back it takes me a whopping 15 minutes. I want to get to a 10 minute mile as soon as possible

* I hate Libra on Big Brother. What kind of piece of shit mom leaves her fucking 4 month old babies behind? She’s obviously not breast feeding.

* I’ve had my Iphone for about a month now. I still want to tuck it under my pillow and sleep with it at night because I love it so much.

* In the last 8 days I have received chocolate three times. Mathers, Shawna and Stephanie brought me (or mailed) me chocolate. I love people!

* I’m exhausted but I can’t sleep because I exercised to close to bedtime and I’m all hyped up.

* The baby is asleep so I have to go lay down and cuddle my husband for like 14 seconds before he wakes up.

6 thoughts on “huh, whats that now

  1. I\’m not even watching Big Brother this time…those people are boring. I hate them all. I can\’t believe bad casting ruined my favorite show!!!


  2. Awww…that IS sad about the milk. And I\’d totally mail you chocolate if I knew your address. But who wants to give out their address to some weirdo blogger? heh.And I\’m hoping you hit your 10 minute mile soon! I am just jogging in little spurts while walking… so I\’d wave to you when you lapped me.


  3. The hubs and I got Blackberry\’s (or is it Blackberries?) in June and last night we were talking about how we don\’t love them. He says they have too much. I say they have not enough of too much. We came to an agreement that we would never be happy until we got ourselves some iPhones.


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