It’s a small world

When I started blogging I was a lurker for, oh about, 23 seconds. Then I was like fuck this I want to comment. I made friends and found people in different parts of the world and it was all fun. Then one day I started finding people I knew. First I found Emery. I had known her since elementary school. Then Sharilee found me and took FOREVER to comment. A couple other people from school found me and then one day Jen found me. The cool thing about blogging was that people could read and decided if they liked me or not. Emery and I still chat here and there. Sharilee and I remain great friends and for a while Jen and I were pretty close. It’s crazy what a small world this blogging thing is. I’ve stumbled upon other people I went to school with too.

Today I got a really hilarious comment from a blogger I wasn’t familiar with. I strolled over to read about her and comment back. Suddenly I found a picture and realized DUDE I WENT TO SCHOOL WITH YOU. She wrote back saying sending me a link that was actually about me. I’m linking this for two reasons, 1. her post is pretty funny and 2. Her entire blog is pretty funny. Her name is Katie. Hi Katie nice to meet you again.

Anyway, now my interest is piqued. Are there any other bloggers out there who know me? Are you secretly reading thinking, yup shes just as looney as she was in second grade? If so delurk. I love meeting up with old friends and talking.

I guess I’m declaring today national delurk on Shannons blog day. Let me know, who are you, how did you find me and do you know me in real life. Then I’ll follow the link and come read about you. I’m always looking for fun new blogs to read and there is no better way to get traffic then to comment. So comment away and I shall follow!

5 thoughts on “It’s a small world

  1. I\’m a crappy commenter. Sorry bout that. But I think I first found you on Cafemom or maybe my Google Reader said I should read your blog and I mostly listen to my Google Reader. Anyway, that was a long time ago. I don\’t know you in real life. At least I don\’t think I do. I\’m not sure cuz I used to get drunk a lot.


  2. When I first started blogging you were one of the first people that I found. I think I found you by clicking on United States in a blogger profile. Your blog was on the list and I liked you right away. At least that is how I think I found you.


  3. I still read every post faithfully though I don\’t comment nearly enough. I have LOVED connecting with you again and I wish we lived in the same town. Hey- move to Oklahoma! hehe.


  4. I honestly have no idea how I found your blog ~ it may have been through untangling knots (I think!!) ~ not 100% sure though!!I read your blog all the time, but don\’t always comment (don\’t ask me why!!!) ~ Anyway ~ I love your blog ~ and love reading it ~ but I don\’t know you in real life and we have never met!!


  5. i have read your blog for a while now. commented a few times. but i found you through emery. she has friends (seth and skylana roberts) that went to school with my fiance. so i guess that means that i dont really know you. but i feel like i do. creepy right? i get that way when i read peoples blogs long enough.the frist time i read your blog i could not stop laughing. i love the honesty in your posts.


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