Cake wrecks

I’ve gotten totally hooked on a blog. It is called Cakewrecks. It’s short and sweet, usually one or two updates a day. Often times I have to read the bloggers description to even find the error. But seriously you need to bookmark this page, it’s always good for a morning laugh. (These are all real cakes, and all made by professionals, or grocery stores). Here are a few of my favorites.

These people probably got charged for the extra lettering

What the fuck exactly is this? They claim watermelon. I say drunken kermit

I don’t know if the word fuck up is worse or the colors

Because this looks exactly like the Olympic logo

7 thoughts on “Cake wrecks

  1. Those are funny, but the most disturbing one is the \”Watermelon\” cake. It looks very grossly suggestive to me. Like a female Kermit with gyn issues. Eew.So there goes my breffas appetite.


  2. I thought the watermelon cake was a freaking green olive! I must say the other morning when I wanted to kill someone this blog made me laugh 🙂 Hopefully the people don\’t have to pay for these cakes…seriously how hard is it to understand what the people want written on the cakes!


  3. i just posted about this blog the other day. i love it!! my favorite was the \”push olivia push\” cake. i couldnt imagine somebody showing up to my baby shower with that cake. oh and the random quotation mark cakes are always funny


  4. Thanks. I just spent an hour giggling at every \”cake wreck\”. I have shit to do. Other shit. But thanks. PS Do you love my quotation marks? I am going to start using random quotation marks from now on. Watch.


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