I was just going to the bank

I have the day off today. I decided to keep Brandon home from school with me since we rarely get that chance. I was lounging here when I remembered I had to get to the bank. I told Brandon to hurry up and lets run to the bank and out the door we went. On my way there my mom called from work and asked if I could bring her some breakfast. So I was heading to get that and Brandon suddenly says I WANT TO GO TO SCHOOL MOM SCHOOL NOW SCHOOL WHERE IS MY SCHOOL.

Okay stop.

I’m in sweats. An old maternity cami NO BRA and I have no shoes on. I forgot my glasses, I haven’t brushed my hair and I look like hell. Brandon is in jammie pants that are shorter then his undies and his hair and face haven’t been fixed. Codi is wearing nothing but a diaper.

Well shit. So I call my mom who tells me there is an old pair of 2T sweats of Brandons at the shop. We cut those off to look like those really expensive Gap sweat shorts I pay so much for and wash his face. However I still had to drag him and my naked baby into day care as I’m barefoot with armpit hair down to my knees my boobs hanging down to my toes because had no bra strapping them up and my hair looking like…well similar to most of the toddler girls hair there.

The girl at the front desk laughed at me when I commented that the other parents there must really find me ghetto. The worst part is, I got there at a later drop off time then normal which meant I actually had to see like 400 parents instead of the usually one or two I see. Oops.

I’m just glad that at the last second while I was rushing Brandon out the door he stopped and asked to have his shoes on. Otherwise this could have been even worse.

4 thoughts on “I was just going to the bank

  1. Wow!! That\’s hilarious! I had to take a day off one week so I could just SLEEP when I had just started back to work from maternity leave and Bay wasn\’t sleeping through the night yet. I walked into daycare looking much like you described yourself and got the hell out of there before anyone could comment. I think we all have those days. 🙂


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