Coffee Slut tagged me for a meme

I haven’t done meme’s in sooo long but I figured what the shit, why not huh. So here goes.

First you post the rules:
1. Link the person who tagged you.
2. Mention the rules on your blog.
3. Tell about 6 unspectacular quirks you possess.
4. Tag 6 following bloggers by linking them.
5. Leave a comment on each of the tagged blogger’s blogs letting them know they’ve been tagged.

1. I love love love sucking Codi’s boogers. Not because I like being mean and watching him scream, but more because I am totally impressed by what comes out. So impressed that I actually show it off to other people. And, if no one is around I stick it on a kleenex and wait until later to show Rob the MASSIVE booger I just pulled. Ask him, I just ran in the room while he was showering to show him the one I just got not even five minutes ago.

2. Keeping in theme, I hate when I just clip my nails and can’t pick my nose. I will actually not clip my nails and let them be too long to functionally type just so I can pick my nose better for longer!

3. I hate bleu cheese. But I love how it looks melted on stuff. I think one of the sexiest looking foods is steak with bleu cheese melted on it. I eat neither of those foods.

4. I think there are two reasons I haven’t fallen off the drinkign wagon. 1. I feel like drinking and nursing is the worst thing you can do as a mom. 2. When my son was born my dad quit drinking (he had like one beer a month). He still hasn’t drank. I’ll be damned if I start drinking before he does!!!!!!!!!!

5. Following the blogging theme this week of MY KID WON’T EAT. Codi will not eat. He will eat breast milk, cinamon life and ice cream. THAT IS IT. No baby yogurt, no rice cereal, no oatmeal, zero veggies, fruits or meats. Oh wait, last night he ate a bite of jello. Because that’s healthy right?

6. I really wish street signs were easier to take. I’ve always wanted to take a street sign but I totally don’t have the balls for it. Down the road from me is a teeeeeeny little street that is named after someone I know. I’m dying to take the damn sign but again I HAVE NO GUTS!

Now I have to tag people. I want to tag 6 people that I don’t normally tag. Lets see.

Moo, Jennifer (Jiff), Randi, Lorie Loo, Heidi (eramblings) And my sweet Laura!

5 thoughts on “Tagged

  1. OMG!!! I just choked on HOT coffee!!! You and your obsession with boogers is effin hilarious! Those are supposed to be \”unspectacular quirks\” — yours are definitely spectacular. LOL.And I\’m honored you tagged me. Oh… I like sucking the snot outta Bayley too. I\’m amazed by what comes out, but I don\’t save it for someone else to see. Dang, you should\’ve become a respiratory therapist. The only thing you don\’t do that they do is smoke. Weird, huh.


  2. eating oatmeal and reading about boogers is not such a good idea LOL you\’re disgusting! but I love that about you 🙂 and I have always wanted to steal a street sign too!!!! A ways down the street from us is a speed limit sign that has been down (like the whole pole is laying flat) on the ground for WEEKS! But I have no balls either LOL


  3. Oh my god! My sister has the same weird booger sucking obsession! She used to do the exact same thing and go did you see what just came out of his nose! Holy shit and then she would go digging around in there for more like it was gold. Maybe it\’s a mom thing…hell, I\’m not a mom yet and I think the shit that comes out of the booger suckers is pretty interesting too!


  4. I am a total chicken shit to steal a street sign, too. There is a Paloma Avenue here in Sacramento. I want that sign so bad I can taste it (gross, salty!)…


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