I don’t know when ass covereings became so important

When I was pregnant I was a novice at all things baby. No one was walking around handing out advice (like I love to do), so I was left to discover it all on my own. One of the things I really worried about were diapers. I wanted the best one. My theory has always been that diapers are gonna touch my kids special parts and their tushy they should be the best and softest possible. My solution to this, short of opening every bag in the store and pulling out a diaper was to register on the diapers websites. Before long I had samples of Pampers and Huggies in my mail box. A friend had given me a ton Luvs so there was no need to register there. First I opened the Luvs and I HATED THEM. They were stiff and scratchy and not at all stretchy. Then I opened the Huggies. Again, it was awful. Finally I tried the pampers swaddlers and I LOVED THEM. I was hooked. For the first 5 months that was all Brandon wore. But they only made Swaddlers up to size 3. I set out finding a new diaper. I tried Huggies with the GIGGLASTIC waist band and was so disappointed. They leaked, and were still scratchy and so on. After researching I settled on the Pampers Cruisers. They worked fine for a while.

One of the oddest parts of the story is the part where Pampers started changing their diapers almost weekly. My cousin would make fun of me because for a period of 5 months every single box of Pampers I bought was different. The straps would change colors or size, some would have elastic some didn’t, some would rip, some were even glued together rendering them unusable. In fact, at one point I had started saving all the diapers that sucked and I mailed them off to Pampers to ask what the fuck. I received coupons and gift cards and it was nice.

Fast forward to Codi’s birth. I again registered on the diaper sites. Again I chose pampers. And yet again they changed. When I arrived at the hospital I was dismayed to find the diapers were awful. They were small, and stiff and scratchy but the worst part of all, they had this awful net lining in them that would stuck to the babies butt. One particular day I was really complaining about it when I went to my mail box to find a sample of the NEW Huggies Gentle Care Natural Fit. I opened it up to find a nice quilted interior. It was crazy soft. The back stretched nicely and the outsides were soft and bendable but sturdy. I packed up the Pampers to donate and went right to the store for some Huggies. I’ve been thrilled with them since.

This last trip to the store I figured I would buy a small bag of Pampers Cruisers to see how they were. I opened them to find flimsy extra wide no shape diapers. The inside is still shitty, the outside has no leak barrier and the back doesn’t lock in shit. In fact the first time I put the diaper on Codi he blew right out the back.

There is a commercial on for Huggies right now where some parents walk around with their baby brick. They say other diapers are find if your kid is shaped like a brick and I fully agree. The pampers are huge. They have no soft little leg cut outs, no shape what so ever. Codi’s Huggies are cut so there is no bunching at the legs. They even have a stretchy belly panel now for babies like him with a little chub in the tummy region.

While I’m really glad I’ve finally settled on a diaper with Codi I can’t lie and say it is not really frustrating how drastically Pampers has changed. I supported Pampers for a long time. I don’t understand why a company would go from a great product to a mediocre product to an AWFUL one.

What brand do you use? I know a lot of people use Target or Kirkland but for me I can’t imagine them being extra soft and smooth. Did anyone else notice the immense change in Pampers over the last year and a half? Are there other products out there that you think have changed? I still swear by the Pampers newborn sensitive wipes. All the others are scratchy. What are your baby items you will never stop using, and the products you can’t banish from your house fast enough?

**Edited to add: On the TWO mile drive to work (I guess about 6 miles if you count the drop of to Brandons school) Codi pooped and it leaked out of every single side of his stupid fucking pampers cruiser.

** Edited one more time: If these diapers suck so bad, and I don’t want them and have a full bag, what do I do? Do I donate them? Because why would I donate something so awful? But maybe if I donated them they would find their way to someone who could use them? So, do I donate them or just trash them and waste the money entirely?

16 thoughts on “I don’t know when ass covereings became so important

  1. OK, here\’s my .54 (I\’ve got a lot more to say than just .02, obvs) …We use Pampers baby dry and LOVE them. We hate the crusiers … I hate that net thing. Gray always peed out of the huggies. Luvs was not stretchy enough in the legs. Target brand was scratchy and smelled funny. ditto on the walmart brand. I\’ve heard rave reviews about kirkland, but we don\’t belong to costco, so that doesn\’t work for us.I also SWEAR by the pampers sensitive wipes … I keep a box in the bathroom for my own, personal use. Even if we switched to cloth diapers, I would still use those wipes. They are magic.the end.


  2. Well, send your diapers to me! Bayley isn\’t blowing out of her diapers so I use up whatever I have (only Huggies or Pampers). I usually buy the fancy pants Huggies. The Gentle Care Natural Fit is what I use most of the time. I can\’t afford to throw anything out.:( I HAAAATE Luvs…they smell funny and feel like cardboard. I once used a Babies R Us diaper and it was like cardboard too. Pampers generally don\’t hold as much so Bay pees once and I change her. On the pampers I have, I send those to daycare. hehe. They know they have to change her more frequently but they understand I\’m EFFIN POOR. So… I tried every dang diaper out there too. Huggies Comfort are the best. The wipes you mention are great too. I have a wipes warmer so Bay likes soft, warm wipes on her tooshie. πŸ™‚


  3. I would say donate them because there are people out there that can\’t afford shit and would probably be happy with diapers like that even if having to clean up the mess every time.Seth has been in Huggies and they have worked super well for him. Luckily, we are almost done with diaper days for him. What a long process this has been. I am now wanting to stock up on the pampers sensitive wipes.


  4. I promise I won\’t delete my post. πŸ™‚ It\’s too important to me and my life right now! Your comment made me totally tear up. Thank you so much! xoxo


  5. We only use pampers – I love them. With 3 kids we\’ve had less than 5 blowouts ever and leaks only at night when the diaper is full. We only use the swaddlers/cruisers line, because they are less papery.The target ones \”worked\” but everytime i opened the diaper, her little but was visibly wet, like the diaper wasn\’t wicking away the moisture. But no problems with leaking.My older son is 6 and we used pampers with him w/out any issues at well (except at night, but he would pee an amazing quantity).


  6. I use the cheapest diapers I can find. SERIOUSLY. I don\’t care about brand or softness or texture – as long as they are cheap. We are currently using Target diapers and wipes. However, we use Huggies Overnight diapers for nighttime. Those things are great! Since we started using them, neither of my kids have leaked at night! YAY!


  7. I\’ve actually used the pampers swaddlers/cruisers on both of my babies, I agree that there is a visible difference but maybe my munchkins are just built funny because neither have had a blow out or leak in them ever. I may have to give the huggies a second shot though, I did use some of the new natural fit ones because they have the awesome umbilical cord cut-out and they worked well!I\’ve heard great things about the Sams club (members mark) diapers but haven\’t ever had the balls to buy them, what if I use one hate it and am stuck with like 200 sucky diapers?Tried loves, they do absorb a lot but I don\’t like the smell, or rather the way the perfume combines with the pee for a lovely scent.I HATED the target brand diapers, it seemed like every time the baby peed even a tiny bit she needed a diaper, literally we changed her 5 times in one hour and threw the rest of the box away because we didn\’t even want to force them on friends.I like the huggies natural care wipes once i\’m out of the hospital, they have gentle ingredients and can be bought in jumbo quantity at Sams Club or toys\’r\’us.


  8. Hm, just wondering how you feel about cloth diapers? The ones you wash and reuse and stuff. I haven\’t done much research on them but I know they are kind of controversial, and just wondering your opinion.


  9. I only use Huggies. I used Pampers Swaddlers when Jayla was first born because that\’s what they gave us at the hospital (well, you know that too LOL) so I stuck with it. But then she outgrew them and I went on the Pampers Baby Dry but really did not like them too much so I tried Huggies and I absolutely love them. I actually bought small packs of WalMart and Target brand diapers and Luvs and they definitely suck. So I am with you, I absolutely LOVE Huggies!!!!


  10. I think that diaper companies should sell small sampler packs. Yes, they will send you ONE diaper to try, but I need a couple of days worth to really see how they work. I did not like Huggies at all, but they didn\’t have that new kind when my daughter was a baby. She leaked consistently with Huggies. I like Pampers. I haven\’t noticed that they\’ve changed quality, just random things like the pictures and design. Now, I\’m wanting to try those Huggies natural fit.


  11. We try only to use the Huggies Gentle Natural care ones or whatever…. they are the only ones cut to fit around my guys fat little thighs! πŸ™‚ They don\’t sell them in bulk at Costco or Sam\’s though, so when we are desperate and they aren\’t on sale at Target and I don\’t have a coupon, we get the regular Huggies.


  12. We tried every diaper under the sun when our kids were in that stage of life and our favorites were always Huggies. Love their wipes, too. In fact, we still use the wipes…


  13. We use the Huggies natural fit also. They are soft and Ellie now calls them the \”pretty\” diapers and will throw a fit if I put on one of the old huggies (so intead I send those to daycare!)I say donate them… there will be somoene out there who could really use them.


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